Why do humans act as we do? Why are we humans the way we are? Why do we think and feel how we do it? Does the aggressiveness, hatred, love, sadness of these brains arise?

The human being is combined by three brain parts or autonomous formations that interact in the process of individual survival and development of the human. These brain formations, from the most basic to the most complex are the following:

Three brains in constant symbiotic relationship Can they be controlled individually or do they always participate in a group?

Three brains in constant symbiotic relationship Can they be controlled individually or do they always participate in a group?



  • Reptilian brain training.
  • Limbic brain training.



  • Brain formation of the neocortex.


Each brain manifestation has its own knowledge, individuality or sense of space-time, possessing its own memory system, as well as exclusive functions of this cerebral part.

Neuronally they are inter-connected by relating to each other, and biochemically they control each and every one of the functions of our body.


Neuronal and biochemistry there is combinatorial linkage.

The brain is the computer with the greatest capacity for storing information or data existing in the world, to this day, since it is stocked with about 280 trillion bytes.

The functioning of neurotransmitters and other brain parts, will generate greater understanding of learning, social or individual behavior of the human being, their creative manifestations, changes in thoughts or fixation of ideas or concepts.

The biological biochemistry of the human brain can be maintained in good condition, through a good diet, an emotional balance, projecting on the structure of thought and the development of the individual.

Brain chemicals such as acetylcholine, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, gamma-amino butyric acid, endorphins and other hormones that accompany the development of the individual.

Through the brain, the external world is introduced into the human being, and through it, the individual manifests himself to the world around him, combining pre-existing ideas, sensations and energetic influences.

The brain in complete vision.

The brain, complete vision.


The Reptilian brain.

This arises unconsciously. The reptilian brain, located in the medullar stem, is the instinctive zone that helps the permanence and conservation of the species.

The Instincts are patterns of behaviors that involve reaction to events of greater or lesser relevance. They are innate behaviors, that is, it is not necessary to pre-learn, but it is mainly through genetic inheritance.

The instincts of survival and physical preservation, of reproduction, of feeding, of seeking pleasure, of maternal or nurturing, of struggle and flight, of seeking refuge or warmth of home, social instincts where the individual seeks collective formations that organize the situational range social of the whole clan, of artistic inclination, of investigation, of religious or ethical tendency, etc.

The instincts contribute in the motor of the life of the human being, but they take second place when the Acts or Actions are generated through the use of Conscious and internalized Will.

So the reptilian brain regulates the involuntary part of the being and the one responsible for the most primitive part, the action and the response, before the needs of the body or mind, where it is not thought because it simply registers internally and is realized.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The brains that governs the terrestrial one.

The Limbic Brain.

More complex than the reptilian brain is the Limbic Brain. In this, emotions and memory are determined. This is the “Reactive Brain or emotions” that protects the Ego or inner of each being. This is the brain paleopallium or brain of the lower mammals.

The limbic brain is located in the “brain amygdala”, which is considered to be where the database of affective memory and memories are stored or stored. In these emotional or emotional memories are fear, hatred, anger, family love, envy, the suffering of heartbreak, deception, and other distorted emotions of the Self.

The amygdala of the cerebral limbic system determines that the directive modules of the emotional part of the neocortex establish our health or reptilian survival.


The Neocortex Brain.

The conscious and reasoned. This is the rational brain, where the Consciousness, emotional intelligence and cognitive or sapience capacities are located such as memorization, concentration, self-reflection, self-analysis; resolutive place of everyday emotional problems by which a behavior or other is chosen adapting it to the Consciousness and emotional intelligence, with the minimum biochemical intervention since it would be under a certain mental control of the individual. All this would generate certain attitudes, behavior, thoughts, reactions other than instinctual and more rational behaviors.

How to obtain good brain health?

The internal stress acts on us, hyper activating the amygdala, generating brain alterations that do not allow the brain to function correctly and transport the information that appears before our senses, generating that the individual reacts with impulsivity or nervousness, and this generates a blockage in the Neocortex and, this is how emotional intelligence and the ability to apply consciousness or reasoned self control disappear or diminish.

All of the above concludes in negative consequences on our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This is how we find ourselves lazy with our overall performance.


Recommendations to take care of the Brain.

Exercise and nutrition are beneficial to our brain. Some tips to improve our brain.

A- What to eat:

  • OMEGA 3. You can find them in fish such as salmon, nuts like nuts or exotic fruits such as kiwi, are rich in omega 3, being beneficial for learning and memory.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS. You will find it in red fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or blackberries as they are anti oxidative.
  • FOLLIC ACID . Iron-rich vegetables and legumes such as spinach and fruit with a high level of vitamin C, such as orange juice, are great for finding folic acid that helps with cognitive functions.
  • HILL. This derivative can be found in the yolk of egg, veal, chicken, lettuce, because they contain choline, which is an essential nutrient that helps in cognitive functions.


B- What to do:

  • Eliminate Fat . How? Not eating too many saturated fats like butter, meats, sausages; since they have been shown to be detrimental to memory and disturb neurons in their neuronal synapse process.
  • Monitor the calories , moderating the amount of calories in the meals and controlling the excess.
  • Sleep well or with good quality sleep , since the brain needs rest to be healthy or in full performance. Remember that stress will cause lack of sleep and that will cause us to relapse into diseases.
  • Do some physical and mental exercise. “Physical-mental entertainment”.

– PHYSICAL, it would be walking or moderate maintenance exercise, or any type of exercise.

-MENTALLY , it would be reading, being outside, enjoying with friends or meetings, practicing some creative or playful activity.