The Universe, as we know it, seems only material, but it is not that way, our physical universe has access to invisible worlds that are divided in turn into different dimensions. The corporeal or physical worlds, like ours, are associated with the invisible worlds , that is, the atmospheric or lower worlds and the etheric or higher worlds.

Humans believe from the beginning of our existence that the true rulers of our planet are those who truly administer our world, those chosen by us, but no, there are invisible worlds that administer and control and manage our process and evolution.

In fact , the Atmospheric Worlds are known in mythology as the Sheol, Underworld, Hades, Nix, Darkness, etc., the place where the Souls of the Dead dwell , and the place of the terrestrial gods . This world, in turn, is divided into infinite dimensions according to its own degree of evolution.

As for the Etheric Worlds, they are those places and dimensions that are higher and more ancient , and these are the true rulers of the worlds and systems. They directly and indirectly govern the lower worlds as the atmospheric world and the Corporeal World as ours.

But in the lower worlds there are different ways of thinking, whether they are thoughts towards the service of all the manifest or physical life of the universe, or thoughts to serve only themselves.

Then, having seen the above, some invisible forces speak of what is good and necessary, but others do not serve the same purpose.

Those who serve others, work as a source of encouragement and reinforcement, for those who are beginning to experience and recognize the divine Knowledge, the great spiritual inheritance of the Creator of all life that has been imbued in all intelligent races. But the others are rather powerful traders.

The presence of these invisible forces that serves the neighbor meets where the divine knowledge is experienced and expressed. They constitute the Angelic Presence that is assigned to each world , and includes those who attend this Angelic Presence as well. Even in worlds where there is no religious tradition that is governed by dictatorial and strict forms of government , even there, there is an Angelic Presence. Wherever intelligent life has originated or migrated, you will find this divine Angelic Presence.

Those who have approached Knowledge, who have taken the steps towards Knowledge, will feel this Presence. This presence can guide and instruct them, warn them and prepare them. However, and because it is beyond the visible and even beyond the scope of the mental environment, these Invisible Forces can exist Without the awareness of those races to which they are destined for their service . Even those individuals who are developed and trained in understanding and clairvoyance, even they will not be able to accurately discern the presence and work of these Invisible Forces .

In many places of the Greater Cosmic Community, they are called the Invisibles . His presence indicates that God has a plan . The Plan for the universe is to recover the separated through Knowledge and, through these individuals, provide unique forms of contribution for the welfare and advancement of their races.

Here progress is made in terms of the realization of Knowledge, ending the separation between those who are in the physical universe and the Source of all life and, at the same time, providing a significant and essential contribution to science, philosophy, literature , ethics and so on.

There is a presence everywhere where intelligent life exists . From the most primitive societies to the most technologically advanced societies, this Presence exists . It is not only the Presence of God , which is everywhere, but also the invisible Forces that are here to serve specific goals , to reach certain individuals and to help those who are beginning to experience the light of freedom. inside and those who are beginning to experience a greater Presence around them.

Therefore, practicing commitment to this Presence, or could say “practice the Presence,” is one of the fundamental practices in The Way of Knowledge.

Even in religious traditions where Knowledge is recognized and honored, Practicing the Presence is a very universal form of spiritual practice. The Path of Knowledge represents a universal form of religious experience and spiritual emphasis, an emphasis that can be translated through any culture that has the freedom and awareness to experience and express it.

This knowledge of invisible forces is very important . These invisible forces are considered in many different ways , like great powers , for example, or as an angelic presence . Through many different languages ​​and understandings, the spiritual Divine Presence in life is universally recognized by those who experience and practice the Path of Knowledge within their respective worlds.

These invisible forces have an objective . The goal is to ignite a deeper intelligence within individuals, the intelligence of Knowledge and, through this intelligence, contribute to the welfare, protection and advancement of their peoples and nations.

However, the opposition to these Service Forces is significant , since there are very hierarchical and strict societies that fear that any other source of authority will work in the life of the individual of the worlds like the Earth.

Here, on this planet, practices on the experience and practice of the divine Presence are practically repressed , practice inner silence, listen inside or receive communications from the Invisible Forces.

Today these practices are considered a danger, not only for the loyalty of the individual but also for the security of the state and the religion from which they live, and such practices are strictly prohibited , and in many places there is a great effort to discern their presence and eradicate those who participate in them.

The fact that freedom is so rare in the Greater Community indicates and illustrates innumerable and different alternative and fundamental ways of living in physical existence , as well as the problems of power and authority in manifest life.

Those powers and authorities that do not know the divine Knowledge or that do not honor the existence of such Knowledge will tend to oppose it and will consider it a threat to their authority and the stability of the nations they govern.

Again, this is the reason why the pure practice of “The Way of Knowledge” or “The Way of Knowledge” is done clandestinely , in secret, through several networks of individuals who can communicate with each other beyond of the scrutiny of their own governments and political organizations.

Here is a vision of the immense contrast between the difficulties and restrictions of worldly life and the constant presence of Invisible Forces that serve a larger plan and purpose for God.

This also reflects an understanding of how the universe works , because God has set in motion the forces of evolution and the forces of natural selection. Within this pattern, there is tremendous variability. It seems to be chaotic , but within this general pattern, there is a natural progression towards complexity and, ultimately, towards knowledge for intelligent races that are self-aware. These are, the two different types of patterns that overlap.

On the one hand, there is the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to understand, and on the other it has another pattern of evolution with respect to consciousness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is backed by invisible spiritual forces wherever there is intelligent life One seems random and chaotic; the other is organized and resolved. It depends on the level of understanding and the level of reality that you will consider.

Someone who is only observing the physiological and biological patterns of existence will see the evolutionary path. You will see aspects of evolution that begin to be understood within your own world. This pattern will seem variable and chaotic, with no notion of intelligent design behind it. But overlapping this, there is an evolutionary pattern of intelligent design, an evolution for the intelligent races towards self-consciousness and the discovery of Knowledge.

This is a source of great confusion among scientists in this world and, in fact, scientists from many worlds. The Earth always had superimposed realities . They are working in the same environment. One is discernible through his senses. The other is discernible through a deeper sense within you. One is visible and tangible . The other is invisible , but very present. Therefore, you must allow this apparent contradiction of these two overlapping realities to exist to appreciate and begin to understand the nature of God’s work in the universe.

In societies where knowledge is practiced, whether with official support or secretly, the recognition of this greater evolution is universally recognized. This recognition has its own patterns and its own progress that adapts to the individual and also has certain basic thresholds. It is fundamental to understand that one’s true reality is not defined by one’s mental state or spectrum of ideas or beliefs, that one is not one’s mind and that one is connected to a larger intelligence and a larger reality.

You can begin to see here again why Knowledge is such a big threat, since a person committed to this reality begins to differentiate himself from the normal structured life patterns and now he can function more creatively with greater discernment. Your mind is free from the governance of societies, political structures, ideology or nationalism.

They are now an individual of free thought, an individual guided by an Invisible Power that is beyond the reach and understanding of the state and beyond the reach and understanding of many religious institutions. Now governed by a Great Power, the individual begins to demonstrate abilities that will not be found by his compatriots and by his companions, a power that is uniform, that is not chaotic, a power that is very intelligent and compassionate. This represents the motivation behind all true reformers. Each nation has reformers or at least the inspiration for reform, progress and advancement.

Here, essentially, we have competing powers . You have the power of the state and the power of the great commercial forces that focus on stability, security and continuity, wealth and power. Then we have the other source of authority , the power and presence of Knowledge in the individual supported by the Invisible Forces : the Angelic Presence, if you wish. Therefore, there is a competition in the universe: a competition between government, control and conformity and a greater spiritual Power that seeks to liberate, that seeks to differentiate itself and that seeks to express itself through the individual to demonstrate the beneficence of the greater Spiritual Power in the universe .

In the Greater Community, there is recognition of a God, but in some places this is modified to include many gods who serve a God. In other places, there is no recognition of one God, only of Power and Spiritual Presence, depending on the theological emphasis and orientation of the peoples involved. The variability here is significant, but the essence is the same. That is why knowledge in a world is like knowledge in another world, which works beyond and within the great variability of cultures, ethics and orientations that exist between different worlds and nations.

The power of unity in knowledge is very significant. Knowledge does not condone war or conflict, unethical competition or deception or manipulation. It is entirely fair. It is completely uniform, so that individuals from opposite ends of the galaxy could recognize and communicate with each other through Knowledge, if they ever had the chance to meet.

A nation governed by the inspiration of Knowledge would be completely different in essence and in emphasis, in structure and in the social orientation of a society governed strictly by law and dominion. That is why there is a great difference between a nation that is free and a nation that is not free.

You can see the manifestations of this within your own world between nations that have greater freedom and nations that have little or no freedom. You can see the corruptions of power. You can see the emphasis on self-perpetuation that exists in large institutions and how this has a limiting and corrupt influence on its participants.

Everything we are expressing is within the scope of your experience here in the world. Because the laws of nature are the laws of nature, and the Plan and Presence of God and the Invisible Forces are uniform throughout the universe. So, while races and nations may seem completely different from one another, they are linked to the same physical reality, and are influenced by a supervisory reality that is divine and spiritual in nature.

That is why the importance of spirituality and spiritual practice that are translatable is very significant. This speaks of a greater union in the universe: a union beyond separation, a union beyond the difference of environment and appearance, orientation and belief. Here you can see what is powerful, what is consistent, what is uniform and what does not change with time and place, situations and circumstances.

However, even here, knowledge works differently in different environments, providing a specific guide for people that is unique to their circumstances and their needs . This shows that God works in time through individuals , because that is how God works in the universe. This is a very important understanding. While its emphasis may be on what is different and unique that separates individuals and nations from each other, both the nature created by God and the spiritual Presence, which God has set in motion as a unifying force, represent the real powers in the universe: the power of nature and the power of the Plan and the Presence of God.

It is as if the Plan of God were a balance and an antidote to the chaotic nature of the natural world. The randomness one finds in nature and its evolution of life forms is balanced by this constant focus on spiritual awareness among intelligent races. Here intelligent life has a deeper instinct to return to the one God, to the One Reality beyond all separation, distinction and dissociation.

It is these superimposed realities , then, that produce an apparent contradiction, but that in fact represent a balanced union: a union between what grows, changes and evolves and what is constant and continuous, immutable and, nevertheless, adapts to the changing circumstances.

To be truly successful in life, you must be able to understand these two realities and be a bridge between them, treating the mundane natural world at the level that exists and dealing with the superimposed Presence, the Divine Presence, as it exists, recognizing randomness. , change and variability in one and the continuity, consistency and eternal nature of the other. One is changing; the other is eternal. One is temporary; the other is permanent. The entire universe is temporary; The presence of God is permanent.

Having a connection with these two realities, seeing how they interact and allowing them to interact through oneself, represents a true spiritual advance in the Greater Community. Here the debate between randomness and intelligent design comes to an end, since both are true.

Here, the laws of nature are honored as a vehicle for growth and advancement from simplicity to complexity, allowing the universe to move and change and allowing life forms to adapt and evolve. However, there is another reality that exists and permeates this physical reality that is consistent and constant. Although this other reality adapts to changing circumstances to serve manifest life, it is completely uniform. It represents a part of the Creation of God that has not entered into form, that has not entered into a process of change, growth and decay.

This represents the focus of the spiritual consciousness in the universe. While all peoples and nations must operate within the natural world, a world where resources must be obtained, where stability must be established, an environment where survival and continuity are always present and are always important, there is greater power and presence unifiers, invisible and unrecognized, except by those who have begun to respond to the power of inspiration within themselves. This Power and Presence are always there, always calling the intelligent life towards a greater union and a greater experience of Knowledge.

The great variability of life in the universe represents the evolution of life at all levels and in innumerable forms and innumerable varieties, where the distinctions are endless, where the environments are different and the circumstances are different. Here one could imagine an endless variability.

But then there is this unifying reality , this Invisible Presence, Invisible Forces that work in the name of Knowledge , that works in accordance with a Plan elaborated and directed by the same Central Power , that creates a competence for the authority within the individual between the domain of the mind and the vast intelligence of the spirit.

The races that have advanced spiritually have begun to recognize their dual nature and this dual reality that seems to be a contradiction but that, in reality, serve life. While life must evolve and change, it must also be redeemed. While there is an innumerable variety and variability through evolutionary patterns of adaptation and survival, there is a greater union that is consistent and does not work in opposition to itself.

Although there is an inclination for separation and distinction within the individual, there is a greater power of union that unites the individual with others and with life everywhere.

If this overlying reality were not present, the evolution of life would be a constant process of dissociation. Life would be increasingly different and particular. The variety would continue within the limitations of one’s environment. There would be no ability to connect or deeply associate among races in the universe. Beyond the prospects of trade and commerce, there would be no way for races really to resonate with each other.

As a result, the possibility of peaceful relations would greatly diminish. And religion would never arise beyond superstition and beyond the rituals of the state or the social spectacle to have a greater meaning at all.

Therefore, we have Invisible Forces that unify the universe , providing the basis of unity for life beyond the complexity and variability of life, and with it the promise of redemption for the individual to regain an essential relationship with the others and with life itself. Without this, there would only be awareness of physical life. There would only be an emphasis on separation, distinction, dissociation, conflict, competition, domination, persuasion, manipulation and all the forces and activities that prevail throughout the universe.

Without these Invisible Forces , the best that nations could achieve would be an economic interdependence and a state of commitment to each other, a commitment that would always be fragile and subject to change, threatened by difficulty, unstable, uncertain, etc.

Without this Invisible Presence , the evolution of life with an emphasis on stability and security would become so antiprogressive, so conservative, so reinforced that consciousness and even technology itself will never truly advance. Nations seeking a stable state, seeking permanent stability, would become so resistant to change, progress and innovation that the progress of intelligent life would be stifled.

In the ancestral history of the Earth it explains how those civilizations that were the most durable tended to be extremely conservative and resistant to change and innovation. Consider this on a larger scale and you can see how nations tend toward this pattern as their emphasis on stability and security increases.

But there is a Force in the universe that promotes innovation, promotes reform, promotes advancement, promotes creativity and promotes the freedom to make all these activities possible.

Humans do not realize how important these Invisible Forces are to each one’s personal consciousness, and the advancement and possibility of real achievement and the establishment of peace and cooperation for your own race.

You can think that it is about negotiations and compromises, wars and conflicts, struggles for power between different groups and different interests, different tribes and different nations: a constant battle, a constant conflict that occurs at all levels.

Without this Great Presence , life is only a struggle, a struggle to achieve and a struggle to defend what one has, a struggle against the infinite threats and forces of competition, a struggle against death and destruction, a struggle for wealth and power and a struggle. To maintain wealth and power.

Without this great Spiritual Presence and these Invisible Forces in the universe , life degrades into a miserable state. Even if one has advanced technology and many conveniences, even if the nation has been able to establish a continuous state of stability, even if there is social freedom, life becomes just a struggle, a dilemma, a stressful existence and an empty experience. 

We value the change in physical reality, but you still do not see the power of continuity that exists in the deepest well of your mind, in the deepest intelligence within you and in the presence of this intelligence in life. It exists in the entire universe . It is not modified by the change of culture or the environment or by the evolution of a race or its social structure, its fantasies and mythologies, its political ideologies or even its religious beliefs.

Everything that is innovative comes from the mystery of your life. All inspiration comes from the Mystery. All new ideas come from the Mystery. The search for freedom comes from the Mystery. The search for justice comes from the Mystery . The search for union and peace comes from the Mystery. The recognition between two individuals or even between two worlds comes from the Mystery. It is this Mystery that exists together with the manifestation of life that gives life all its value, its meaning, its purpose and its true destiny.

To experience the Mystery is to see the real manifestation in a different way. If you only see the manifestation, you will lose everything the Mystery has to offer you: your guidance, your protection and your ability to take your life to a higher level of service and meaning . These are the invisible forces in the universe, impregnated and existing together with the natural or physical world and the existence of nature itself.

And remember that in the corporeal Universe or material has access to invisible worlds that are divided in turn into different dimensions. Corporeal worlds like Earth are associated with these invisible worlds: Atmospheric or lower and etheric or higher.

Some invisible forces will speak of what is good and necessary for the corporeal planets, but, other forces do not serve the same divine purpose, but follow their own principles and needs, although these forces remain limited and bound in certain degrees to a functioning ordered with the divine purpose.