$ 1.2 million bail for a Saudi sergeant accused by a US court of raping a child


His lawyer questioned his confessions: came under the influence of alcohol

Saudi sergeant accused for raping a child

Saudi sergeant accused for raping a child

Las Vegas – US authorities have set aside $ 1.2 million to secure the release of a Saudi air force sergeant who was charged with raping a 13-year-old boy in Las Vegas while his lawyer pleaded not guilty, And influenced by his hostile interrogation. 

The Saudi (M) located in the United States – specifically in Texas – was to spend a training period arrested on charges of child rape on New Year’s Eve at the Sirks Circus Hotel in Las Vegas Strip, according to a criminal complaint. 

Police said Al-Otaibi, 23, was visiting Las Vegas – during the incident – while his temporary headquarters were based at Lakeland Air Force Base in Texas. 

The lawyer said his client was in Las Vegas with a group of Saudi military friends before the impending completion of his training in the United States, and that he spent hours before the incident drinking wine.

“He was two weeks away. Came to Las Vegas to celebrate. It was New Year’s Eve. “The lawyer complained that the defendant was drunk when police interrogated him and he did not admit that he may have fucked the boy only because of the hostile interrogation technique. “There is no evidence that my clients pulled the boy into the hotel room,” he said, adding that the boy contacted the Saudi group to sell them marijuana. “They tried repeatedly to get rid of him.” 

“The bail that was set for the release of al-Otaibi was more than $ 1.2 million yesterday on charges including child sexual abuse and coercion,” a court official said. 

In Las Vegas, the judge ordered the US to hand over his passport and stay in the United States if he paid bail, while his lawyer said he could face life imprisonment if convicted by the court