Which bank has the best loan?

Many potential borrowers are asking such and similar questions, especially young borrowers, or those who have not yet borrowed money from the bank.

Which loan is the best?

Which loan is the best?

This is evidenced by entries on various internet forums, people who go there to learn something from forum users. having experience in this topic. So everyone is trying to help by pointing to a specific bank.

Meanwhile, this is not entirely the case. Because the fact that one person has a loan according to certain parameters does not mean that the other person will have the same. The bank will actually have a good price, but it may not be compliant.

So the question should be different. Its content should not be “which loan is the best”. but

Which bank will grant me a loan?

Which bank will grant me a loan?

There are several reasons for this question.

  1. Customer age – banks approach this topic differently. One offers loans for ages 25 to 65 and the other for example 21 to 70.
  2. Scoring BIK – often so-called no score, i.e. no BIK rating, results in rejection of the loan application. Then it is proposed to the customer that he first buy something in installments, and only after a few months can submit another loan application. This condition is not necessary as long as the customer
    intends to take out a mortgage .
  3. The number of inquiries in BIK – each query is a lower scoring point. You will make some inquiries, you can even say goodbye to your dream of credit.
  4. Credit history – whether the customer has paid all its liabilities on time.
  5. Am I already a customer of a given bank – the bank looks more favorably at customers who use its products.
  6. Creditworthiness – the ability to take loans. Banks approach this topic differently, have other fixed expenditure amounts set, and can more liberally calculate the amount that can be achieved

These are just some of the factors


Affecting whether it is possible to receive a loan at a given bank. You can and even should take care of some of them.
First, build your good credit history.

Pay your liabilities on time and on time, have as few queries as possible in BIK.
Secondly, actively use other banking products, such as setting up a personal account , deposit, etc.

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