Where did Life on Earth come from? Amazing Theories

Where did Life on Earth come from? Amazing Theories


One of the great mysteries of the earth is the origin of life, but it also extends to the origins of our Universe.

It is estimated that our planet Earth has an antiquity of around 4.5 billion years, and that during much of its ancestral history has been home to different forms of life that sometimes strange in general were very diversified.

Relatively recently, in our contemporary history, the study of living organisms generated the division of these into two major kingdoms of life: the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

However, at the beginning of the 19th century, the resurgence of innumerable archaeological evidences and scientific studies began to accumulate evidence that expressed the great diversity of life, so scientists had to formulate new schemes to clarify an accurate origin and development of planetary life. , therefore new schemes of kingdoms of life flourished, with three, four, and even many more kinds of realms.

Currently scientists, in order to determine the origin of life, are investigating the mystery of different ways of developing life and its origins.

Some try to determine the development of life on our planet. Others are looking for fossil particles on other planets, be they moons, planetoids, asteroids in our solar system. But other scholars intend to detect the possible development of life on other planets of other solar systems in our galaxy.

Analyzing the planetary atmospheres of other solar systems could determine with greater approximation about the effects of life in those orbs, but it can also be proven through the investigation of the radiation of those planets, radio signals emitted by the planet, etc. ., since it would demonstrate the existence of an advanced and technological life.

Several theories, nowadays, compete to be one of the safest options that explain how life arose, trying to discover the Mysteries of the Earth and the origins of life.

Although, even among the scientists are still agreed to give an accurate explanation, finally proclaiming that until life is shown on other planets in our solar system or other solar systems, not even the theory number 4 would be taken into account , nor theory number 6, which are briefly explained further under this article.

Among the following sections would be shown the uneven postures that try to clarify how life came to Earth and the Universe :

  • Theoretical explanation of life.
  • Different scientific, religious and spiritual theories about the birth of life.
  • Scientific theorizations about the birth of life on Earth.


Theoretical explanation of life.

Traditionalist Theories, in general, are given more scientific credibility (they would be the theories numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7, exposed a little below), because they are not so disturbing for some sectors of society, and governmental that in different Countries exercise different beliefs that mainly pursue the achievement of their System of Beliefs established.

Some observations include clarifications about theories numbers 1, 8, 2, and 9; being that in the case of theory number one would represent a postulation that is not properly accepted in the parameters of the logic of the scientific system, by its abstraction and complication, since it is the result of the non-theoretical imagination, but neither coincides with the scientific-logical theorization.

The number 8 theory would be more unknown , since it is necessary to bear in mind that the scientific community contributes it in certain hypothetical cases as the result of the natural ignorance of the creation.

The number 2 theory, in spite of being similar to the number 1 , is accepted by the general religious sectors, because it has some characteristics equal to the number 1 theory, that is, it maintains an abstract and complicated ideological position.

Regarding theory number 9, which is less well known than the others, it is nevertheless increasingly on the rise worldwide since it is mechanized through esoteric channels that provide knowledge that promulgate a New Consciousness of the truth about the origin of life in the universe and on our planet Earth.

So I present a small list of those theories that are most important and known, and that would explain how life on earth evolved.


Different scientific, religious and spiritual theories about the birth of life.

It seems that our Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is capable of sustaining life in all its forms.

However, what is undeniable is that from basic microorganisms, organisms evolved that later prepared the existence of human beings who became sophisticated and intelligent. But until reaching that evolutionary moment there were also many ways that would determine how life on earth evolved :

1-SPONTANEOUS GENERATION INDUSTRY. This theory suggests that life on earth arose from a SPONTANEOUS AUTO GENESIS, and that from it arose the planetary evolutionary Living Beings.

2 -THEORY CREATION BY A CREATOR GOD. According to this position, the Living Ones of the earth were created by a God who is the composer of all things and also of all living beings existing on the planet and other places.

3-WORK THROUGH THE CHEMICAL AND CELLULAR . As a hypothesis he argues that the origin of life on earth arose from a fragile and inert matter that at a given moment, and that with the appropriate planetary conditions life would arise. This was divided into three formulations-evolutionary types; the origin of life arises in a way :

A -chemistry.

B – prebiotic.


4 -LIFE INDUSTRY DESIGNED FOR EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN DIFFERENT PERIODS OF TERRESTRIAL TIME (directed Panspermia). This formulation maintains that the origin of the life of the planet earth, as well as other planets or solar systems, in other galactic zones-universe, have been created by intelligent Beings of other stellar constellations, which must have granted a certain “Creational Power” granted by some superior being, to be able to exercise that creative faculty of species and worlds. That Creational Power is experienced in a very measured way, consciously and for certain purposes.

5 – THEORY OF CULTURE OR PRIMARY SOUP . The conditions of the primitive earth possessed a Gaseous Atmospheric System, composed mainly of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water vapor. This gaseous system plus the action of the sun’s rays (heat-energy) would form at some propitious moment and place a primary or primordial soup where a large number of organic molecules would develop and evolve until they reach the sea where the evolutionary life would settle . Bacteria are responsible.

6-PANSPERMIA WORK. In this case life was created by the effect -Panspermia-, which gives rise to life through some extraterrestrial intervention, unknown or known, but which was adhered through meteorites, comets, either by direct or indirect intervention, etc. ., and being that in its interior the carrier of life. The panspermia can be of 3 types :

A – Interstellar Panspermia: Exchange of life forms between this and other planetary systems.

B – Interplanetary Panspermia: Exchange of life in this solar system between its planets.

C – Lito panspermia , where life could travel inside meteorites and thus have a system of protection for their subsistence.

7-THEORY EVOLUTION FOR ADAPTATION TO THE MIDDLE. The living beings of the planet earth is the result of adaptation to the environment in which they live and their development and evolution consequent to adaptation to that specific environment.

8 -THEORY OF THE CRYSTALS OF ARCILLA OR CRYSTALS. This proposition suggests that life on planet earth was formed as a result of clay crystals that with a sufficiently complex type could evolve.

9-SPIRITUAL WORK. This is much less understood, as it would explain how the creators of the material-physical world, known as 3D or physical world, was created by a Spiritual Dimension located on another plane.

I would theorize that through the physical plane they experience physical life, in order to learn, evolve and rise spiritually and spiritually in the different places of creation that are programmed and created for this spiritual mission.

The multidimensional transfer would provide many provisions that generate the different creations on the different planets designated for these experiences.

The primordial of this theorization is to remain in the constant evolution-elevation of spirit-souls through multiple experiences in physical lives.

Accredited theorizations about the birth of life on Earth.

-Francis Crick, in possession of a Nobel Prize in the field of Physics – Molecular Biology and in the field of scientific neurology. This British scientist, along with his partner James Watson , were the formulators and discoverers of DNA structure and studies on consciousness.

In one of his articles made on the years 1972, and later collected in his book “Life itself: its nature and origin”, published in 1981, it suggests textually, that life could arrive aboard an unmanned extraterrestrial spaceship.

They speculate that life could be initiated by sending colonies of microorganisms to other planets to create a kind of evolution of life.

-Svante Arrhenius, another Nobel Prize in chemistry, from Sweden, and born in 1859, stated that the radiation of light from the stars, captured germs that drove them generating a push in their journey through space-universe. It is the so-called theory of radiopanspermia.

-The Apollo XII ship demonstrated microbial survival in outer space. However, the remains collected on the Moon, by the Surveyor III probe, and sent in 1967 to NASA, found colonies of microorganisms that had survived the space.

On the other hand the multitude of myths and legends provide clearer and more visible indications of the connection between aliens and the appearance of different animals, plants, insects, and humanities, explaining also how these beings were the true creators of humanity, which later the different religions adhered to their dogmas through a father creator god who would be of all existing.

To put a simple example, multiple African tribes , including the Dogon , in particular, cite the evidence that the origins of the “creatures” of the earth are the result of the intervention of a group of supernatural beings that had come down from heaven to the earth.

The Hopi Indians , who are located in the western United States, talk about how the star beings, who can travel the skies at the speed of sunlight and who are responsible for our origins.

In the beginning of time, the Earth was colonized by many Extraterrestrial Beings that arrived in their spaceships coming from their different Constellations, Galaxies, and planets, including our solar system, and that included diverse types evolved races, like for example the reptiles , insectoides, botánidoides, humanoides, and many other galactic species.

These colonies were generated in different continents and periods, maintaining advanced humanoid colonies, which were created by these extraterrestrials. After having maintained many different types of creations and humanities, the human species arrived, in the form of a specific creation and even hybridization between extraterrestrials and humans, which finally formed the advanced human colonies known as Lemuria and Atlantida-Poseidon, that existed thousands or millions of years ago.

Is the evolution of life on Earth born naturally or artificially?  

Have beings from other planets or stellar constellations participated in genetic engineering programs generating types of life on earth?

Is life a divine creation of a unique god and father creator?