Simpson again jailed for violating bail


Former football star OJ Simpson will spend a few days in a Las Vegas jail before appearing before a judge next week, accused of violating the terms of his bail in connection with an armed robbery in this city. Simpson, 60, arrived in Las Vegas on a commercial flight from Florida accompanied by Miguel Pereira, his bail bondsman.

The police transported him handcuffed to the Clark County Detention Center, where he and Pereira eluded journalists’ questions.
Police said Simpson will stay away from the other 3,300 inmates until Wednesday’s court hearing, where Clark County District Attorney David Roger plans to request the revocation of Simpson’s bail and stay in jail until let him be judged. Roger argues that in a November voicemail, Simpson told Pereira to call the also defendant Clarence “CJ” Stewart and to express his annoyance at the testimony he gave at a hearing in which Simpson, Stewart and a third man received the order to be processed.

Not with “carrier pigeon”


“I just want to, I want CJ to know (…) that I’m tired of this farce. Tired of changing what they told me, is that clear? “Simpson affirmed in a transcript included in Rogers’ petition to revoke his bail. The judge of peace in Las Vegas, Joe M. Bonaventure, ordered Simpson in September not to have any contact with those involved in the case, not even through a “messenger pigeon.”

The bail bond company revoked the bond on Friday, said Officer Ramon Denby, a spokesman for the Las Vegas police

bail bond company

Miami’s WSVN-TV network showed a video of Simpson on Friday as he walked through the Miami International Airport and near an airline counter. He was wearing a visor, a golf shirt and jeans, talking on a cell phone and being accompanied by a man. «I can not talk to you.

I will not talk to you, “he said minutes before catching the plane.
Simpson was released on September 19 after paying bail of $ 125,000. He had been arrested three days earlier, accused of being accompanied by several friends, and he went into a hotel room in Las Vegas to rob two merchants of sporting goods from the collection, objects that he said belonged to him.