Satan and Company.


Satan and Company.

Symbol of evil and temptation, Satan was always best known for his trickster and liar, dragging humanity down the wrong path.

In the beginning, his origins were like an angel of God , but his arrogance and despotism turned him into a Fallen Angel or Satan . He warred against God himself and wanted to be equal or superior to him.

Since then Satan as punishment imposed by divine command and heavenly contract would be to seduce mankind into the ways of sin, depravity, and ruin.

The government of Satan is located in different dwellings that are located between the confines of the universe and the depths of hell or alternative dimension, and from there manages his fallen world, including the Earth. 1  3

But who is really Satan?

A long time ago from the North of our Universe, a Race of Dragons beings entered our galaxy through the Pegasus Constellation, and later settled down   in the Draco Constellation, and from his main star Alpha Draconis he wanted to be God . He distributed his genetics by conquering stars, and reached Orion and Earth.

Satan or Lucifer, in both cases great races of enormous Beings with wings of skin behind the shoulders, with three or five fingers in their hands, with big black eyes torn, with a size between two and five meters high, with an organism prepared to be a formidable warrior , and who presents himself as “the destroyer”. This would be a very close representation of what we know as a Being of the Constellation of Draco and Orion ; located right here in our galaxy .

Within the progression of Satan and the constellations Draco and Orion can be located the reptilian morphology with humanoid characters , although with different physical appearances depending on the planet, the star, genetic hybridization and mixtures, etc.

-In Orion, it would be the most reptilian specimens, with long tail, scales throughout the body, green or different colors that would go from the brightest to the darkest, with sharp teeth, with five, six, or three fingers, and more than two meters high .

-In Draco, we will find more dragon-reptile specimens , with both characteristics, more like crocodiles , with elongated face and sharp teeth, with scales all over the body, with tail or without tail, with wings or without skin wings behind the shoulders, with five, or six fingers, and with about six meters high .

In both cases these Satan are inserted in an evil company that would work for Satan , beings that operate from the astral dimension or 4D. Humanoid morphology but with large horns on their heads, black or dark brown hair all over the body, large red eyes, feet in the form of quadruped animal legs, large hands, huge wings of skin behind their shoulders, and great power to travel by dimensions and contact telepathically.

Satan is the one who really rules the Earth and other worlds . From its dimension we will call, 4D , or perhaps from a parallel world close to the physical , it controls the functions of the Beings of the Draco Constellation, Orion, and other faithful constellations.

Alpha Draconis manages the Earth by delegation , and they create and delegate their work to these reptilians of lower categories, such as those of Orion.

The Reptilians , in turn, create other lesser Beings that perform field tasks, harvesting work, abductions of humans , placement of ethereal or astral implants to humans, etc. These lesser beings of rank are those we know as the Grays , the human-reptiles, humans with blond hair and very white skin, and other entities.

The Draconians also rule, by designation, Nibiru , a planet-ship that swarms through this next part of the universe, and that controls other Earths in addition to the Earth.

In Nibiru is GAUMÓN , the ruling commander of this planet-ship. Nibiru is the place where other Beings are created , for example: Aphrodite or Osiris , who are destined and carry out their work from Neptune , in some of their moons .

Neptune is governed by the Great Aphrodite , and from there they descend to Earth through technological dimensional portals, that is, a chip or device that generates a dimensional input without physical displacement. There are about 4,000 Beings of this type destined there.

Nibiru is the main base of these Aphrodite-Venus and Osiris Beings , and Orion, and Draco are the militarized hierarchies to whom they must respond from their work done on the planets of possession.

GAUMÓN ; lives in the northern area of Nibiru, and is a being with four arms, very tall, muscular, strong, a fierce and a huge Draconian warrior that governs the Matrix , a mega computer that controls the implants installed on living humans in 3D. Earth and other worlds of belonging, and that also controls the souls captured by deception through the religions, ideologies, and erroneous spiritual mentalities, to be deposited in the great chain of “Karma” and the pilgrimage for infinity of lives in the same planet, where rivals, galactic warriors, inferior beings, and other opponents of the universe are recycled.

Satan became the Reptile Beings and Dracos, along with their delegated Beings , are installed in parallel in another dimension, next to humans with souls little evolved spiritually , from where they control their minds, and which make up a large part of the family structure of the Beings of more spiritually evolved . This is one of the forms of intervention of the Beings of Light, that is, higher beings , so that they do not rise, so that they do not remember who they are and what they were, so that they suffer and remain slaves in the drama of this planet. After progressive degradations and mental interventions of less evolved humans manage to keep the planet Earth under control, and hence the innumerable wars, the human mental depravity, the evil and cruelty in human hearts, etc., in which we live.  6

What are these Beings looking for?

Satan seeks the destruction and mental, emotional, and physical damage of humans. Throw down the Human Being so that it never connects with your LIGHT Being.

We are all light and the most evolved can remember previous lives in other constellations, planets, and epochs, since they were also cosmic warriors.

The main deception of Satan is to make see that the light is out , through a God, teacher, angels, constellations, or central sources, or some external source, when really EVERYTHING is within us , THE GREAT SOURCE WE ARE EACH ONE OF US . That’s what they do not want humans to know, so they do not apply their great power, the power of the stars, which they know we all have.

We will only see and hear through individual meditation and self-search , since the Gurus, the guides, and the ascended beings that help us are NOT necessary, because they are these Draco and Reptilians beings.

Self-knowledge is one of the best techniques for the encounter of inner light-source .

We will stop being blind and deaf when we see and feel intuition, with the third inner eye, with self-analysis, with contemplation, understanding, with understanding, with the high vibrations that come from intelligent and wise thoughts, with the search internal and external, and with the encounter of the original Being of Light and the living energies.

When in the different mythologies they talk about the ” children ” of this or that ” god “, they mainly refer to these beings created by the different races and hierarchies, the Destroyers that carry out the different creative missions, of control and management over the territories in possession.

Satan ” The Destroyers “: Reptilians, Draconians , and other beings called ” celestial helpers,” who would be the Grays, hybrid humans, and other races, who transact superior orders, abduct and physically kidnap humans in order to place devices and make experiments, besides being placed in another parallel dimension together with certain humans, to deposit in them :

– Discarnate souls of low vibration that died with emotions of low frequency and that can upset the human behavior.

Astral devices that physically generate anger, anger, anger, frustration, psychic illnesses, preconceived ideas, mental scenarios, fears, etc.

Reptiles, grays, and other members of the destructive consortium, which are placed dimensionally together with certain members of a family structure of a spiritually elevated Being, but also of humans with less evolved souls, with the purpose of distorting their lives, bodies and minds .

They mainly deceive souls under their control under their cycles of reincarnations, both incarnated and disembodied, but they also deceive new human victims , those who have appearances and UFO contacts, in heaven or personally, and those human channelers of Ascended Masters. , etc., in this way infinity of human-souls are hooked to these destructive beings, who will insert them in their cycles of reincarnations, and thus captured and controlled.

The spiritually evolved souls , who have been deceived and captured in their cycles of reincarnations, will come down to earth, deceived, reborn in order to help a relative from another life; with which they remain captivated with presumed lessons of the new living hardships of that life, and in this way they are not allowed to connect with their being light, and know their source.

Younger souls are much easier to deceive, since through religion, their cults, rituals, and veneration, extremist political ideologies and other separatist mentalities, and technology of distraction, are devoid of consciousness of the power of their light, and so they are controlled eternally.

The more one reveres, asks for help, and performs rites that are exercised over a cosmic God or race , the more connection is made with these beings, and therefore more possibilities of control and manipulation by them.

Satan, The Destroyers enter the energetic and astral fields of the humans: when they are sleeping, mainly, when they are in states of sadness or low emotionally, mentally and psychically, when they are still fetuses, at very early ages, it is the most common technique , and in general they insert low energies for control.

These Satan or Beings plan the lives of humans , couples, family members, successes and failures professional, loving, life projects, emotional, etc., generate suffering, pain, and diseases, place implants to modify family situations, economic and emotional, and govern death and life.  10

What should be kept in mind about Satan?

We must have very, but very much in mind, that abductions, kidnappings, contacts with Beings or UFOs , paranormal phenomena such as internal or external voices , some ghostly specters and dark shadows , etc., also the channelings of ascended masters and other angels or archangels, and a great etc. , come from all of them , and they are the mechanism of Satan and his company of destroyers , which strengthen control over the Earth.

Through thousands of ways and deceptions , with widely designed Plans , humans have always fallen into: religions, prejudiced ideologies, wars and confrontations, mental control that comes from the past until today and are directed towards the future, also the scenographic effects of great heavenly miracles, and with generations of hybrid beings that prolong the celestial authority, etc. These mechanisms are those that veil or cloud human gnosis. This is the VEIL that tarnishes our lives.

All the cultures of the Earth give us a good idea of what the ancient civilizations were , those that made use of the ether energy and magnetic and radiant orgone , with high technology artifacts that generated midpoints where they used free energy , a plasma of energy that is used for the use of their daily devices, and that in their apogee disappeared . Why and how? The answer is in these Beings of space and other dimensions, Satan and Cia destructor , also from the interior of the Earth and the planets of the solar system, from where they control the planet. 7 8