NASA a Great volcanic eruption in “IO” the 3rd moon of Jupiter.


NASA a Great volcanic eruption in “IO” the 3rd moon of Jupiter.

March 2014. NASA has shared an incredible photographic image, where one of the largest volcanic eruptions occurred on -io-, the third largest moon on Planet Jupiter, in our Solar System. This moon is considered to be the most volcanic place in the solar system. The images of the eruptions that occurred in -ÍO- have been collected by NASA’s Horizons Spacecraft, as well as its video recording, which shows the moment of the great volcanic eruption.

The volcanic eruption.

-ÍO- Jupiter's most volcanic moon in the Solar System.

-ÍO- Jupiter’s most volcanic moon in the Solar System.

This volcanic eruption occurred in -ÍO- which is located about 6`2 million kilometers away from the earth, according to the measurements recorded in 2006 and 2007.

This Moon of Jupiter, is one of the most active of the Solar System, since it has approximately 400 volcanoes that are active. These volcanoes generate columns of gases that exceed the distance of about 500 kilometers, expanding beyond the surface of the planet.

In 2007 there was already a big explosion, which was recorded and helps us to imagine the dimensions of the force exerted in each volcanic explosion.

The Voyager observed that over -ÍO- the eruptions were simultaneous in nine volcanoes. The remains of the volcanic explosions can extend beyond the 300 kilometers (190 miles) over the Earth’s moon area, ejecting materials at incredible speeds close to the Kilometer per second.

Its lunar terrestrial temperature ranges between -143 ° C (-230 ° F); but the living mass it contains is linked to the volcanic phenomenon and its temperature oscillates between 17 ° C (60 ° F). The researchers believe that the living mass of internal heat could be a large internal lake of lava, similar to what happens on planet Earth.

Video of the explosion 2007 as an example.




Source: NASA.

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