Michael Jackson is released after paying bail of 3 million dollars

Surrounded by his family, pop king Michael Jackson was in Las Vegas, Nevada, Friday after posting bail of $ 3 million after being accused of “multiple” sexual abuse against a child. �o. “He’s fine, he’s a fighting man,” said his publicist, Steve Backerman. “In Las Vegas, he is surrounded by his relatives who have supported him a lot,” said Beckerman, adding that the singer has “total certainty that the accusations will be proven false.”

Backerman indicated that the singer chose Las Vegas to be able to
quiet with his relatives. “He’s in Las Vegas, he wants to be with his family,” he said. There was the singer last Wednesday when the police of Santa Barbara issued an arrest warrant against him on multiple charges of sexual abuse against a minor that according to television versions suffers cancer and he is twelve years old.

According to the Court TV program, the twelve-year-old child suffers from terminal cancer and would have asked, as a last wish, to visit the Jackson farm in the Californian city, called “Neverland” 

Jackson decided to turn himself into the police

Jackson decided to turn himself into the police

Own will and traveled to Santa Barbara to face the charges against him. Wearing a black and handcuffed suit, he arrived at the central prison of the city where he was booked before the authorities, who took his fingerprints, photographed him in front and profile and took his passport. After paying the bail of 3 million that was set, he was released.

The official photo, which the police disclosed on its website, showed a terrified man, an expression that was accentuated by exaggeratedly white skin and red lips framed in a thin face, disfigured by me. multiple esthetic surgeries. Hours after his brief passage through the prison, the singer returned to Las Vegas from where he had left on Thursday morning.

In the plane Gulf Stream 4, the singer met with two children
-probably two of his three children- who wore their heads covered. Now, the key date is January 9, the day the singer will have to appear before the Santa Barbara Superior Court, said police inspector Chris Papas, who added that the star will cooperate. with the authorities in the case.

“He came specifically to face these charges,” said his lawyer Mark Geragos, who has become famous for defending stars “in distress” as Winona Ryder. The arrest warrant is based on a violation of Section 288-A of the California Penal Code, which prohibits lewd acts with children under the age of fourteen. If found guilty, the sentence for each charge against him ranges from three to eight years in prison.

This is not the first time that the controversial artist is the object of accusations of sexual abuse against minors

This is not the first time that the controversial artist is the object of accusations of sexual abuse against minors

In August 1993, a 13-year-old boy alleged that Jackson, who calls himself “Peter Pan”, had sexually abused him. One year later, Jackson reached an agreement for a million dollar value with the family of the alleged victim, who never filed criminal charges against him.

The Santa Barbara authorities stressed that this case is different from 1993, since California law has changed and on this occasion the alleged victim may be forced to testify. Last February, Jackson unleashed a scandal because of a documentary broadcast by ABC, in which he admitted to having slept in the same bed with a 12-year-old boy.

Jackson said he had a close friendship with a boy named Gavin, terminally ill who often slept with him at his “Neverland” ranch, a kind of theme park, with a train and a small zoo, to which the children are invited to play.