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Back Side of The Orb - last updated Thursday, December, 9, 2010
created by rachel -at-, code by colonel32 | core dump studios

What's New?

  • Metallic Spheres - the much anticipated David Gilmour and Orb collaboration!
  • iPhone & iPad App - Metallic Spheres trip toys for your phone

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    Albums - All of the official full-length releases.

    Singles - Every tasty mix of those album tracks.

    Remixes - Tracks get a whole new life when remixed by The Orb.

    Bootlegs - The second best thing to being at the show.

    Etc - DJ mixes, and other random LX collaborations.

    Promos - bits n bobs that are promo only

    Videos - the few but delightful amalgamation of Orb visuals

    Why? Because I never heard any music like this in my life before!

  • World Wide Orb
    The Orb - Get the official word on tour dates and upcoming releases here.

    Prayerbox - Simon Phillips' side project... well worth checking out!

    Lazlo Nibble's Discography - Though somewhat outdated, its still the grandaddy of them all!

    Sample Spotting - By no means complete, but a very good list.

    Pinky's Side Show - Another Orb discog with loads of pics, including inside and outside covers! Orb Discography

    For information on joining the Orb discussion list, visit Meet other hard-core Orb fanatics, get tour updates and release info, be abused by Thrash, and occassionally even discuss music!

    Or chat with these other enthusiasts by emailing

    Sample Spotting - the beginnings of a very thorough resource...

    Wolf's Orb Discog

    CD Rich's for Sale or Trade Pages... a bonanza of orb cds and other like minded artists!

    DWB's Orb tribute including loads of photos and other goodies.

    Marcolphus' Dicsographies including BadOrb, Fluke, Photek and others.

    KLF Online a serious KLF fanpage - these guys are always in the know.

    Thanks to all the Orbies out there, but especially Smiley, Pinky, Sean, JC, Seofon, Kael, Dan, Mark, Marc, Wolf, Seijirou, CDRich, Don, Matt, Chris, Ed, Thomas, Lysergic, OrbscureDJ and most especially Colonel32 and ernie (the scan-master!) for their help in the completion of this discography and general support of my addiction.