How Many Dimensions Are There?

How Many Dimensions Are There? 

Trying to explain the reality of the Universe, is to face the limitations of the senses and the human mind. On the other hand, each foreign intelligence represents the Universe with different explanatory models, some encompassing universal multidimensionality, and others not. For example, the Theosophists will explain that there are 7 dimensions in the Universe. Others, like the Pleiadians indicate the 10 dimensions of the universe. And the Arcturians describe 13 dimensions.

Therefore, only a more or less reliable representation can be made in order to benefit from several dimensional explanatory models. These chosen dimensional models are the following: Amorah Quan Yin, Satya,, Kabbalah, and Apu.

Bear in mind that, in current science, string theory , developed during the last two decades, has established that space-time or 3D-physical has seven additional dimensions that include gravity.

Scientists suspect that there may be more particles and forces than we need, and they operate in more complicated ways than they should. Therefore, the existence of other dimensions could help science to explain complexities of the universe, including energy or dark matter that would presumably be governed or influenced from other dimensions.

Atlantis, disappeared almost overnight, destroyed by the folly of its inhabitants who, filled with arrogance, misused the gifts that had been granted them. After the destruction, the survivors dispersed throughout the planet.

For centuries and millennia the ancient Atlantean science was transmitted from master to disciple through generations and generations, but it also gradually became contaminated.

Of those knowledge was the rituality of that knowledge. Thus was born, the occult sciences, astrology, alchemy, spiritual disciplines and magic.

This ancient science has perhaps not been completely lost, and today’s scientists place us near the height of those mythical beings whom our primitive ancestors called gods. And, perhaps, those ancient alchemists, repositories of the vestiges of ancient science, could bring something light with their works and models about the universe.

-Dimension Amorah Quan Yin .

This dimensional model is extracted from the Amorah Guides of the Book The Archangelic Pleiadian Tribes of Light, Pleiadian exercises.

Dimensions: Areas of consciousness delimited by the range of vibratory frequency and the nature of their forms or their absence of forms.

First dimension: “the realm of pure minerals as recipients of consciousness, but lacking in their own consciousness and self-consciousness”.

Second dimension: “the vegetable kingdom; lower astral planes in which the different consciousnesses perceive themselves as all that exists, alien to the spirit, devoid of soul and totally absorbed in themselves; also the kingdom of certain types of elementals that have no more self-consciousness than that controlled by a force. It also contains aspects of the underworld of the so-called bards of Buddhism known in other traditions as infernal kingdoms. “

Third dimension: “the physical world and its corresponding astral planes. Anchored in a linear time and in a reality based on space-time. In this realm everything exists at a maximum of nine thousand vibrations per second. This is the realm in which human consciousness is lived. “

Fourth dimension: “beings conserve consciousness in the form of feelings and as thoughts based on feelings. This dimension contains polarities of darkness and light. The realms of light are formed by Cities of light and by those that have reached a vibrational frequency of between nine thousand to twelve thousand vibrations per second. Here consciousness is the first stage of Christ’s consciousness that follows ascension. Numerous guides, angels and Ascended Masters impel three-dimensional humans to be receptive and ready for spiritual evolution and growth.

Human beings are also driven by their astral counterparts of darkness that exist in this dimension. They are able to emulate the lower vibrational frequency of negative thoughts, vices, repressed emotions and poorly healed or rejected human shadow areas – and are able to drag them to the dark side and then control and feed them from their pain, fear and other energies dense.

As human beings develop superior vibrational qualities of being, thinking, feeling and doing, as well as transcending the karmic tendencies of their own shadow zones, they are magnetically attracted to the light impulses of the fourth dimension and are released from the dark control of parasitic beings. The dark polarity of this kingdom is also one of the places where nightmares and astral abuses occur. “

Fifth dimension: “this dimension also has polarities of light and darkness. The beings conserve the etheric forms of the combination of the third and fourth dimensions, but refined, and with freedom to alter these forms at will.

In the light aspect of this kingdom are most of the personal guides of humans, guardian angels, servant angels and most of the Ascended Masters and members of the Great White Brothers; the intermediate level initiatory schools, the karmic council and the Supraluminal Devas.

From this dimension it is impossible to speak in terms of vibrations per second because they are beyond the limitations of time and space, although this dimension can act at will over the temporal space reality.

This is also the dimension of the consciousnesses of Christ and Buddha as a subsequent result of the process of incarnation, ascension and transition through the Cities of Light of the fourth dimension. In this dimension there are dreams of flying, dreams of healing, superior experiences and teachings. This is the dimensional causal plane relative to humans that manifests and creates in the worlds of lower dimensions during sleep. In other words, it is where humans dream their life endowing it with space-time reality and then wake up and live those dreams. Here, higher consciousness, lucid dreams and white magic are given. The dark polarity comprises the powerful dark lords of black magic and control.

There are in this realm: angels, teachers, sorcerers and dark rulers of the lower astral worlds and planes. If a person develops great psychic powers and mental control without developing the integrity of heart and spirit, they are governed from here, from where they come during sleep and after finishing their human life. “

Sixth dimension: “is the realm of the Higher Council, the archangels that interact with the Earth. The Councils of Elders and an emerging collective consciousness. From this level the dimensions are exclusively of Light. The collective consciousness of this kingdom is that of divided souls.

If the soul, after having remained in a body on Earth, decides to divide into two or more parts, whether it has its origin in pain or in the desire for different experiences, at the level of the sixth dimension each part will share the same Higher Self and will connect with us at the level of soul and spirit. From here our higher objective is dictated.

The beings of this level can choose to project themselves in human forms, if it serves them for some purpose, but in reality they exist in purely geometric forms, which is the characteristic of this dimension. This is the stage of Creation in which thought, color and sound take geometric shape and numerological relevance.

When beings at this level wish to communicate with each other, they simply merge their fields of energy and consciousness. A unique framework is formed from this fusion and each one experiences the essential nature of the other through comparison and what it can offer. It gives the feeling of knowing the other without feeling that one has become the other. Melchizedek consciousness exists at this dimensional level. “

Seventh dimension: “the kingdom of divine harmony and sound. The beings of this level exist as expressions of the essence through the harmony of the sound individually and collectively. The shape can no longer be projected without descending dimension. The patterns are formed with sound, but they are nebulous flows of color and movement. The variable spiral patterns are the only ones that can be described.

When beings at this level wish to communicate with each other, they simply combine their sounds and mix colors and create new patterns. The two consciousnesses are energized with this experience and come to understand each other. There is a greater agreement that is deduced from the beginning. The whole is more than the sum of its parts . It is the next level of collective consciousness but this time with other souls different from your own.

Beings at this level have the key to translating all experience and consciousness into pure sound, establishing and creating patterns of flow. These sound frequencies make up the only common language of the seventh dimension down. The members of the families of souls of the same origin have the ability to experience themselves as one being in this dimension, while maintaining the ability to be individual. “

Eighth dimension: ” the characteristics of this kingdom are the pure color and the patterns of flow. The beings of this dimension exist as self-consciousness that give off color, light and movement. The communication between them is rather a synergistic experience during which none of the beings can tell the difference between himself and the other. Here there is a great love of unity and communion. Due to the absence of sound as an individual expression of this kingdom, it is also the realm of emptiness, whose authentic purpose is to be a place where I complete it as pure essence and consciousness. In the absence of fear it can be a place of comfort and deep rest. “

Ninth dimension: “point of origin of the Laoesh Shekinah, the sacred Pillar of Fire or Pillar of Light. It is the last dimension in which a being of light has the capacity to experience the separate consciousness of the entire supra-soul from which it came and can choose to feel whenever it wishes the collective consciousness of the supra-soul. The only way that exists is that of the pillar or parallel chains of a very purified light. Everything seems white and crystalline light, and even then it decomposes, emitting light of colors towards the eighth dimension.

This is the dimension of Metatron’s consciousness . When on one occasion I was given to experience this kingdom, the only thing I could still differentiate from myself was etheric crystals. I had a collection of quartz crystals on the table in my room where my body was when the experience took place. Suddenly, I was aware that I still perceived the crystals as something separate from me, although furniture and people had completely merged in my consciousness. They told me that only human consciousness could arrive there without vaporizing the body. “

Tenth dimension: ” All that has been said to me of this dimension is that all the members of the primal families of supra-souls experience to be completely immersed in a consciousness and no longer take into account their individual being. Beyond this point I have not been shown or mentioned anything, except that the thirteenth dimension is the place of completeness and of being One in which the self is absorbed into All That Is and does not know separation. “

-Dimension of Satya.

This information comes from Alcyon , the Central star of the Pleiades. Pleiadian cosmology by Barbara Hand Clow.

First Dimension: “the core of iron crystal that is in the center of the Earth being this the gravity” [Gravity is described as: “the first dimension of any system that generates the vertical axis of manifestation from itself. Gravity is the densest field of any created form, it attracts all parts of its form to itself and has consciousness “].

Second Dimension: “telluric realm that exists between the central core of iron crystal of the Earth and the earth’s surface where the elemental forces live”. [The term elementals is defined as: “metallic nuclear, chemical and mineral intelligences belonging to the second dimension”].

Third Dimension: “the physical realm of humans”

Fourth Dimension: “the polarized realm of the archetypal forces that interact with the Earth and that are guided by the Anunnaki of Nibiru .” [The term archetype is defined as “the forces of non-physical dimensions that mold and reside in the subconscious mind, evoking great emotions, creativity and awareness of being manipulated, for example”].

Fifth Dimension: “the vibration of love that is guided by consciousness of the Pleiades for the Earth, especially from Alcione”.

Sixth Dimension: “lines of communication of pure thought. All physical objects are ideas that reside in the library of the sixth dimension and due to their thought process are generated geometric shapes of light that create realities. For Earth, this kingdom is guided by the Syrian star system. “

Seventh Dimension: “lines of communication of pure thought. The Galactic Information Highway of Light and the photon bands are for the Earth the seventh dimension guided by the Andromeda Galaxy. “

Eighth Dimension: “structural organization of the intelligence of the Earth known as the Galactic Federation and which is guided by the Orion star system”.

Ninth Dimension: “the reality, unified, that interweaves all the most subtle frequencies. This plane of vibration is a library of everything that exists in a kingdom; for Earth, the ninth dimension is the Galactic Center guided by beings of Henoch. “

Tenth Dimension: “the Universe itself is the tenth dimension, the cosmic ‘all’, which contains everything that you perceive from Earth and can not be labeled, described or understood.”

“There is no hierarchy of dimensions, each one is powerful in its own way and for its own inhabitants … In all dimensions there are structures of organization, but only in the third dimension do governments exist. You are trying to understand multidimensionality, but you are self-limited if you apply 3D structural models to higher or lower dimensions. This is what normally happens to people who are working hard to raise their consciousness.

It should not get stuck in dimensional hierarchical fundamentalism. For example, the Ashtar Command is compared to the 8D Galactic Federation. The eighth dimension works with a galactic order, but there are no 3D models that can describe it.

– Dimensions according to the Kabbalah of the Jewish tradition.

The Tree of Life is one of the most important cabalistic symbols of Judaism. It is composed of 10 spheres (sefirot) and 22 paths, each of which represents a state (sefira) that brings one closer to the understanding of God and to the way he created the world. Kabbalah developed this concept as a realistic model that represents a “map” of Creation. It is considered the cosmology of the Cabala and is represented in the known Sefirotic Tree. It is composed of ten spiritual emanations from God, through which he gave birth to all that exists. These 10 emanations, to form the Tree of Life, intercommunicate with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Zeir Anpin’s sefirot includes from 4 to 10:

Keter (Crown, the will, or the desire to do well to his created, the bestowal).

Hochma (Wisdom, the desire to receive).

Bina (Granting, the desire to grant with the intention of receiving).

Chesed (Mercy or benevolence).

Gevurá (Justice).

Tiféret (Beauty).

Netsaj (Victoria).

Hod (Glory or reverberation).

Yesod (Foundation, generation, or cornerstone of stability).

Malchut (Kingdom or reign, the desire to receive in order to receive, the matter of creation, the ego, the vessel, the quality of pure reception).


Then we have: The Tree of Life and The Four Worlds.

For Kabbalists, this structure of the cosmos teaches the Mercavah , which, among other things, are Kabbalistic interpretations of the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament .

The four worlds are four levels of manifestation on the basis of which creation is constructed:

1.- The Divine Plane or Atziluth

2.- The Plane of Creation or Beriah

3.- The Plan of the Formation or Yezirah

4.- The Plane of Matter or Asiyyah

These four worlds or planes are represented in the aforementioned biblical book in Chapter I. The vision of the “living creatures” corresponds to the Material Plane; the vision of the “vault or firmament” to the Plane of Formation; the vision of the “sapphire-like throne” to the Plane of Creation, and finally, the vision of the “figure of human appearance” to the Divine Plane.

-Dimension of Apu.

Extracted from the interview with José Antonio Campoy.

God manifests himself constantly through finite and concrete cycles of manifestation in themselves. It would seem that its purpose was the constant and infinite creation in time of seeds that, in turn, grow, giving fruits that will produce new seeds; and so on indefinitely. So that each of these manifestations – from the seed to the fruit and from this to the seed – constitutes a concrete cycle. Cycle that fits a cosmic program that constitutes what we could call “the cosmic scale of manifestations”. That cycle has seven manifestations or dimensions, which are:

– first dimension or mineral dimension

– second or plant dimension

– third or animal dimension

– fourth or human dimension

– fifth or energetic dimension

– sixth or mental dimension

– seventh or divine dimension

Each of these steps, planes or dimensions globally fulfills a function in the universe. But each of these dimensions is, in turn, composed of seven stages, each corresponding to seven intermediate steps or successive moments in the process of manifestation, ranging from the beginning of each corresponding dimension to the limit with the next .

The so-called mineral kingdom, as in the others, the divine spark goes through the seven stages and, as it progresses, it loses density in the mineral. That is, it manifests first in the solid, dense and heavy bodies, whose atoms contain less energy, passing then by the liquids and continuing by the gaseous and light ones, which are those that have absorbed a greater energetic quantity.

In the vegetable kingdom, the first stage begins with less evolved plants, such as certain lichens, and ends up with vegetables so evolved that they can almost be confused with single-celled primary animals. The same goes for the animal kingdom.

Regarding the fourth dimension or human plane, it is important to note something: at the beginning of its first stage, man has four fundamental “bodies” that he maintains along the seven rungs of his evolutionary scale, although during the journey he suffers some transformations. These four “bodies” are the “internal Self” or spiritual body, which is what we refer to when we say “I am”, to which “the three” bodies “that make man an integral being are wrapped: an elementary body , an energetic or astral body and a material or physical body, support of all the previous ones.

Man, in his evolution or ascent by the evolutionary scale, knows and dominates both the matter that surrounds him and the one that serves as support, that is, his physical body. And by mastering the matter, it is depending less on it and, on the contrary, it becomes more dependent on its other subtle bodies. In other words: man evolves as he loses density; and it loses density by increasing the vibratory rate of its integral being, formed by the union of all its bodies.

In conclusion, men 4.1 (first stage of the fourth dimension or human dimension) are those who are occupied in understanding the environment that surrounds them and on which they depend to a great extent. His mental evolution still more unconscious than conscious; There are no such men on Earth at this time.

4.2 men continue to learn from their environment, but their intelligence allows them to manufacture tools and utensils to control and protect them. There are no such men on your planet either, although we could have a close reference in some tribes of the Amazon or in the Pygmies.

Men 4.3 , as is the case of the inhabitants of planet Earth, are basically different from those of the previous stage in which a new and important element appears: consciousness, the ability to “realize” things and have , in addition, the faculty of being able to progressively increase that degree of consciousness. Being at that moment when he realizes that he is “the king of the physical creations he sees”, the most evolved manifestation of what physically surrounds him. And when he realizes his individuality, he begins to consciously use the so-called “free will”. The cosmic function of a 4.3 would, then, be to populate and direct its planet by regulating and collaborating in a conscious and free way to the evolutionary development of the previous planes or dimensions, and evolving itself through the conscious construction of harmonic societies.

When man learns to live in harmony -and that is the near future that awaits those who overcome the next evolutionary leap that is approaching, which we will talk to you at the time- with and those around him, it will become 4.4, stage this one in which the man must acquire full consciousness of his function: to investigate and to deepen in the knowledge of the physical and material world to learn to master it.

The men 4.5 – our case in Apu- briefly, we are dedicated, among other things, to investigate in the field of what could be called moral, trying that our wisdom and teachings serve as reference to the 4.3 for its progressive evolution . The knowledge transmitted by beings 4.5, by the way, is usually the origin of religions in different worlds 4.3, like yours, as well as the seed of esoteric knowledge that guard hermetic orders. What does not mean, at all, that the fact that this has led to the birth of religions was precisely the end pursued.

Men 4.6, are the spiritual teachers of the 4.4, in the same way that the 4.7 are those of the 4.5. Of course, men 4.7 have already reached such a development of cosmic consciousness and such mastery of matter that their integral being is already very close to that of the angels, beings of the first rung of the fifth dimension. And I do not extend because it would exceed the intension that animated us in this interview, but to serve the reference should be added that in the fifth dimension live energetic beings, that is, humans who one day transcended the fourth dimension and abandoned, unnecessary , the support of the physical body; in the sixth live the spiritual beings and, in the seventh, the so-called divinities.

We are human beings with an evolutionary degree corresponding to the 4.5 scale. My teacher is a human being of level 4.7.

-Theosophical dimension.

Excerpted from CW Leadbeater, Theosophist. The solar system is divided into seven large planes or divisions , indistinctly called kingdoms, worlds, levels, regions, spheres or dimensions.

The names given to these planes considered in order of materiality from the most dense to the most subtle are:

1) physical

2) astral

3) mental

4) Buddhic

5) nirvanic

6) monadic

7) adic

Each of these seven great planes is in turn divided into seven subplanes. Although the insufficiency of physical language forces us to consider these planes and subplanes in scale from inferior to superior, or from superior to inferior, we must not incur the error of believing that they are separate places in space or are on top of each other.

It is to be understood that the matter of each plane or subplane interpenetrates the matter of the plane or subplane immediately below in density, so that right here, all the planes are intertwined on the surface of the earth, although the subtle modalities of matter extend both beyond the physical world, the greater its subtlety.

Each human being has in himself matter of each of the seven planes and a vehicle or body corresponding to each one of them, by means of which he can act when he knows how to handle it. So the passage from one plane to another plane is equivalent to moving the focus of consciousness from one vehicle to another. However, in the current stage of the evolution of the general mass of humanity, this change is contracted to the use of the astral and mental vehicles instead of the physical one.

Each of these bodies responds only to the vibrations of the matter of its own plane, so that when the consciousness is focused on the astral body, it only perceives the astral world, just as when it focuses on the mental body, it only perceives the mental world. All these planes constitute a powerful and vivid set, although our still weak faculties only allow us to simultaneously perceive a very short part.

As for the three lower planes of our solar system, each planet or physical globe also has its peculiar astral and mental worlds, so that the three interpenetrate within the force field of each planet, but they are not interpreted with the physical worlds, astral and mental of the other planets. But from the buddhic up, all the planes are common to all the planets of the system.

The astral plane of our planet interpenetrates the terrestrial globe and its atmosphere, but it extends beyond the atmosphere, and hence the Greek philosophers gave the astral plane the name of sublunary world. The mental plane interpenetrates the astral and extends even further.

Only the free atomic matter of the physical, astral and mental planes is coextensive with the interplanetary ether, and therefore, an individual can not pass from one planet to another in the astral body or in the mental body, as it can not pass in the physical body ; but it can be done in a highly developed causal body, although not as quickly as in the buddhic body.

Can we consider that everyone is explaining the way to the Secret Kingdom of God, and therefore the physical and non-physical distribution of our Universe that connects with other universes or planes that administratively and evolutionarily depend on each other?