What will be of his life? Information from the past

Boriska interviewed.

Boriska interviewed.

On January 11, 1996, Boriska or also called Boris, was born in the city of Volzhsky, one of the regions of Volgograd belonging to Russia. This child was born with extraordinary qualities, and from his first months of life, it was clear that he was not a normal baby. His mother Nadezhde Kipriyanovich, said that at birth and observed his penetrating gaze of innate wisdom.

When the boy was about three years old, he began to speak to his family and neighbors about issues related to the Universe, naming planets from the Solar System, with all their satellites, as well as names and numbers of galaxies and stories about his previous life on the Planet. Mars, about extraterrestrial civilizations, about the Lemuria and the Lemurians that lived on Planet Earth 800 thousand years ago, about the aspect of the inhabitants of Mars and the Lemurians and about what happened to the Mu Continent or Lemuria and the fall of that civilization and plus.

This child became very famous in his city, in fact the citizens were visiting him to hear his stories about his previous extraterrestrial life on Mars and other information that contributed and indeed interesting for visitors. The case was picked up by the PRAVDA Newspaper and by the research scientist Gennady Belimov.

Boriska interviewed.

Boriska interviewed.

Their stories were based on the following content:

  • The old human races had a height of 3 meters.
  • Do not use drugs or mistreat others.
  • The sins or behavioral errors, emotional, negative thoughts and the relationship with the diseases of people, which are caused by not knowing how to carry their emotions correctly and these are hooked to the body and mind making people sick.
  • The future of Planet Earth, climate changes and catastrophes in general.
  • It should not involve or interfere with the fate of other people.
  • Do not tie yourself to the mistakes of the past and keep going.
  • Use compassion and the heart Do not use hate or revenge and apply forgiveness. Love and be humble.
  • The LEMURIANS disappeared because they did not want to apply their spirituality and jumped from the straight path and planetary integrity. They carried magic and not love.
  • They disappeared due to a sinister provocation . A huge continent was consumed by the waters and a large meteorite fell on a part of the earth inhabited by these beings.
  • In the epoch that lived in Mars its inhabitants lived in continuous space and territorial wars . It consumed a great nuclear war .
  • On Mars, its inhabitants do not breathe oxygen, as the body ages and they breathe carbon dioxide, maintaining a body image between 30 and 35 years.
  • With their round and triangular ships they could travel in time and visit places in the universe.
  • The planet Mars lost its atmosphere as a result of planetary calamities.
  • They did not all die , some were saved and went to live in underground areas of the Martian soil.
  • The height of the Martians 7 meters high have very powerful psychic qualities. They are the Martian civilization.
  • Its great cities abroad and now in the subway. They made raids on all the planets of the Solar System, including Planet Earth. They traded with the Lemurians.
  • On Mars lived several races.
  • The appearance of the Lemurians about 9 meters high.
  • In the future you will find knowledge, humans, under the pyramids. “Life will change when the sphinx opens”, this sphinx has an opening mechanism behind one of its ears.


Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Boriska is currently 18 years old.

Why do you remember the past life?

Various theories were raised about the ability to possess remote memory from previous lives. This theory indicates that the human brain can have two types of memory release, namely the following:

1- The Conscious or Voluntary Memory.

2- The Remote or Involuntary Memory.

All the information data of lived experiences are stored in a non-physical dimension of the brain.

The emotions, thoughts and all the experiential learning would remain safeguarded in the Remote or involuntary Memory that is located in a plane or dimension of energy.

Memories or non-emotional mechanical data remain safeguarded in the brain or conscious or voluntary memory.

This Remote or Involuntary memory manifests itself in an innate way , that is, knowledge knows it without any more, they feel it from within themselves in a natural way.

Why did this child have these special qualities?

For just over two decades to this day, so-called “Indigo or Blue children” have emerged, as well as “Cristal children and others “; that according to uneven hypotheses, they assume a great mission on this planet promoting planetary energy changes. According to these same conjectures, the secret lies in their DNA that contributes to the Immunological System with great resistance to viruses and bacteria, also providing remarkable psychic and extrasensory abilities.

What is it about him?

Today he is 18 years old and is considered by many of the new generation who is now known as “indigo children”.

Theoretically endowed with special advantages, and with a high level of intelligence, Boriska enjoys a great knowledge about the Universe, the extraterrestrial races, the mysterious civilizations of planetary antiquity and about the Earth planetary future.

Matias speaks of other past lives plasmándola in drawings and various knowledge.

Studies continue on Boriska’s case.

Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, who is a Doctor in Mathematical Physics at the Institute of Earth Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Sciences or also called (IZMIRAN), is currently continuing.

Professor Vladislav had already studied Boriska before, but he still sees his need to continue with investigations into the case. Vladislav already wrote a book about the boy Boriska, where he included important revelations that he himself made.

Another case “Indigo Child” as Boriska is Matías de Stefano.

Matias de Stefano can “remember” a great amount of knowledge lived in other past lives, including dead languages, the functioning of the universe, more.