Asteroid, Comet or Oumuamua Ship. “The mail of the Gods”

Asteroid, Comet or Oumuamua Ship.

“The mail of the Gods”.

The scientists called it ” Oumuamua “, a Hawaiian name that represents “an explorer”, and in this case an explorer of the heavens, since, although they did not know its true origin, they did determine that it could be a comet or perhaps an asteroid originating, according to direction calculations and its high speed, of the Constellation of Lyra , and more specifically of the Estrella Vega.

In this way, in October 2017, astronomers from the University of Hawaii, United States, declared having discovered an interstellar traveler.

On the other hand, a posteriori, a study conducted by scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA), then published in the journal Nature, declared that the orbit of the asteroid, comet or ship Oumuamua, could only be explained if some kind of force interior or extra was driving him through the universe with certain direction and speed , and this without counting the gravitational forces of the sun, planets and other small bodies that can also exert force attraction and impulse.

What is Oumuamua an asteroid or a large ship?

Is there life in the Solar System and beyond it?

Why in all legends and myths Heaven is considered the dwelling place of the Gods? Who were those gods and from which stars did they come?



And if the ancestral gods came from the heavens, then this manifestly means that the heavens is the place from which the current extraterrestrials come . Do not?

And if the Kingdom of God is everywhere including our interior, why did the gods of antiquity come from outside the heavens, from the stars?

From those ancestral experiences, humanity believed that God is outside of us, meaning that God comes exclusively from the stars or other dimensions, and that has remained in the subconscious to this day, further reinforced by religions.

Officially, today, NASA and Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life are not two compatible concepts, and in fact they silence or deny such concurrence.

NASA maintains that the only extraterrestrial existence is the microorganisms that find here and there in rocks that claim to come from the Planet Mars or from any other place, although without decisive or clear proofs about its origin, but they keep it firmly the same as others maintain others. opposing postures.

But recently a strange object was discovered in space with a highly hyperbolic orbit. Robert Weryk on October 19, 2017 during his observations with the Pan-STARRS1 telescope discovered an object that was about 0.2AU, or what is the same at a distance of about 30,000,000 km from Earth, and that later He entered our Solar System.

This amazing discovery was made possible by the Pan-STARRS space astronomy project of the University of Hawaii, led by Breakthrough Listen. And the galaxic program is dedicated to looking for all kinds of signals of possible intelligent civilizations in the cosmos . Although it should be mentioned that it was financed by the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner , and promoted by the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking who could demonstrate the possibility or not that the asteroid that visits our Solar System comes from outer space and was not an alien spacecraft .

At the beginning of his investigation he thought that it was simply a comet , so later it was called and classified as A / 2017 U1, but by paying more attention to this strange object he could verify that he had no activity, and for that reason after a week of observation was classified as Comet Oumuamua ; previously registered as A / 2017 U1 and as C / 2017 U1 .


Currently there is still great controversy and no consensus on what might be the origin of origin of Oumuamua, but what is known are certain characteristics:

-Which is very elongated , which is a dark reddish color with alternate gray.

-What is totally inactive , without the slightest sign of stellar dust around him.

-That its length covers approximately 400 meters long .

– That this strange object, according to calculations, comes from the space direction of the star Vega , located in the northern constellation of Lyra .

The architecture and design of the Space Object gave much to think since it is not a habitual form of the asteroids but rather it resembled an architecture type Interstellar Extraterrestrial Ship .

Why did they theorize that the design of Oumuamua could be of an Interstellar Ship?

Researchers working daily on long-haul space projects suggested that such an elongated shape is the most likely architecture for the design of a long-haul interstellar spacecraft , since it would minimize friction, gas damage and dust. interstellar.

And according to mathematical calculations this object a hundred years ago was located approximately 559UA , or what is the same to about 84,000 million km from the Sun, traveling at 26 km / s with respect to it. At a certain moment, it accelerated considerably until it crossed the perihelion, where it reached a maximum of 87.7 km / s.

But when the space object was discovered it had already slowed down to 46 km / s, and continued its deceleration until it reached the final hyperbolic excess speed of 26 km / s.

Everything a prodigy to be a simple comet or asteroid , although all the objects are governed by the scientific evidences and calculations of the movement, acceleration and deceleration in the space, something different happened.

What do these interstellar velocities mean?

An object of space travels freely and acquires a certain speed, which until it is interrupted will be constant. And it is understood that a star like the Sun with its force can decelerate the speed of the Space Object.

But should it not be, on the contrary, that the gravitational attraction sucks strongly increasing the speed of the object as it approaches and enters the Solar System?

Then the scientists arranged that it was an object from the stellar neighborhood of the Sun, which would clarify its interstellar origin .

Finally it moved away from the Sun, at an angle of 2 × acos (1 / eccentricity) or 66 °, with direction to the place of origin, that is to say the Constellation Lyra to its star Vega.

What do we know about the Vega Star?

Few people know that the star Vega has a large belt of asteroids around it, and also planets, like our Sun. The space telescopes “Spitzer” and “Herschel” of NASA discovered the environment of this star Vega and saw that he had a Great Belt of Asteroids and Planets.

Etymologically, the word that designates the Vega was called Wega , and later Vega, which is a translation of the Arabic word wāqi meaning “falling” or ” landing” .

Culturally the terminology “Al Nesr al Waki” or “Wega” appeared with the star catalog of Al Achsasi Al Mouakket. This Arabic name emerged in the western world in the Tablas Alfonsíes , 1215-1.270 AD, by order of Alfonso X.

Officially the star Vega , also known as Alpha-Lyrae, or, α Lyr, classified by Ptolemy as a star of the first magnitude belonging to the Star Constellation of Lyra , located only 25 years Light of the Earth.

It is one of the brightest stars along with the stars Sirius of the Constellation Can Major , and Arcturus of the Bootes Constellation.

Why is the Lyra Constellation and the star Vega so important?

Today the polar star, that is, the star located in the celestial vault and closer to the axis of rotation of the Earth or the Celestial Pole corresponds to Polaris of the Ursa Minor Constellation , but more than 12,000 years ago. C. , The polar star fell on the star Vega . And in the future within 14,000 years, because of the precession movement, the polar star will be closer to Vega again.

Culturally, the Vega star has always been well known. For example, for the inhabitants of northern Polynesia , Vega , was known as whetu or te-tau , an annual star. During long historical periods Vega marked the beginning of the new year and of the season to prepare the planting. With the passing of centuries and millennia this celestial function fell on the Pleiades Constellation .

Another example of what was known as the star Vega is the people of the Assyrians who pointed to this polar star as Dayan-same , which means the “Judgment of Heaven”, while the Akkadians called it Tir-anna , “Life of the Heavens “.

For Babylonian astronomers , Vega was the star Dilgan , “the Messenger of Light.” And for the oldest Greeks , the constellation of Lira was represented by The Harp of Orpheus, and Vega was its handle.

Astronomically Vega of the Constellation Lyra is one of the three vertices of the “Summer Triangle” located to the North celestial along with other two stars; Deneb of the constellation of the Swan, and Altair of the Constellation of the Eagle.

What do the legends and mythologies of the world say about Vega?

In Chinese mythology there is a fascinating love story called Qi-Xi , in which Niu Lang who is the star Altair and her two sons Beta Aquilae and γ Aquilae are separated from their mother Zhi-Nü the star Vega who is in the side farthest from the river, the Milky Way.

However, once a year on the seventeenth day of the seventeenth month, 17:17, Chinese lunar and solar calendar, a bridge is created by which Niu Lang-Altair and Zhi Nü – Vega can be together again for a short period .

In Japanese Folklore , there is also a festival called Tanabata , where Vega stars is Orihime , and is based on the referents of the Chinese love legend Qi-Xi.

And for Mesopotamian culture and Zoroastrianism, Vega is associated with the god Vanant , a minor deity whose name means “the conqueror.”

Why is it known since ancient times that the Constellation Lyra and Vega is the origin of humanity?

Definitely our origin is not on planet Earth. The beginnings and construction of the Lira constellation were very difficult, and since antiquity they expanded by many planets of that Constellation colonizing and developing their different races, but one of the most dangerous consequences of the expansion was the multiple wars.

Lyra at a certain point in her history decided to go in search of several different paths, and then some left their constellation towards the Earth that in those days was uninhabited, and therefore these are our ancestors. And others went directly to the Pleiades.

Because of its expansion into different stars and planets of the Lyra Constellation, there exists and a considerable diversity of races developed, as is the case today on Earth.

According to Lyssa Royal Holt , the first Lyrans on Earth , that is, the first representative physical expression of Lyra, was the creation of small human beings .

The Lyrans who came to Earth were the fathers of humanity and thus designated their role in humans. These were very tall, Caucasian Giants , with skin, hair and light eyes . Although brown hair was unusual, it also existed among them.

One of the most particular characteristics of these Giants of antiquity is that they were very authoritarian and strict with humans , so their perpetrated role as the fathers of humanity, generated that human beings loved them as much as they feared them .

The commitment of these Lyrans was to rule over humanity , but they were not alone in that ministry, they ruled the Earth together with the Beings of Sirius , more benevolent with humanity than the Lyrans.

Another genetic branch of the Lyrans were tall and redheaded beings , with very white skin, and light green eyes, but they were not as tall as the Caucasian lyrans, some were of the average human current stature . These redheads have always been accused of being the invaders and plunderers of Earth . The pure Lyrana race was aggressive, violent and rebellious in general.

The result of having red hair was by the colonization of a planet whose mineral and atmospheric content caused genetic mutations, and providing a reddish hue to their hair.

During the progressive Lyrana expansion more additional subgroups were formed that inherited the genes of the Caucasian main Lyran breed , the giants, and also the less tall red heads .

Another characteristic development of the Lyrans was the darker skin , that is, with the Caucasian features, but the skin is light brown, and the eyes brown with a little green , and this subgroup brought its genetic influence on the land , especially in the races of the regions of Pakistan and India .

And none of the current breeds are pure ramifications of these brown-skinned Lyrans. This dark skin subgroup of Lyra was more passive and calm , but not very emotional .

The Lyra race darker skin resembles Veganos, but with a different genetic structure.

What races does the Lyra Constellation and the star Vega have?

The races developed throughout the Lyra constellation are all Humanoids in appearance, but with the development of other humanoid groups but that are more similar to Birds or Felines , although of humanoid – animal aspect , these beings were well reflected in our mythology.

For example the Lyran birds were very thin, with angular and sharp features that resemble a flying bird. They are intellectuals, scientists and explorers .

Feline Lyrans have traits like the felines on Earth. They are not cat-people but humanoids with feline, agile and strong characteristics . The nose is similar to that of a cat and the ears a little more pointed. The eyes are large and the mouth very delicate. They do not have skin but have a thin layer of hair to protect them from the ultraviolet rays of their planet.

The eyes of the Lyrans and the Vegans are very large and pronounced , as can be seen in the drawings of the Egyptian civilization; It is an imitation of the gods.

But it happened that the Lyrans who visited the Earth were treated and considered gods by humans, thus invigorating their greatness and control.

And as a consequence of the great Ego, the Liran gods altered the earthly genes , mainly or supposedly to create the Simian Beings more humanized than the apes . With this assignment they modified the eyes of the apes and making them smaller so that later they conformed it in humans.

By those then other extraterrestrial civilizations were cooperating with the Lyrans, one of these civilizations was The Sirius of the Canter Constellation .

The bible says: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth , and then the Earth was administered by beings of different stellar Constellations:

– Lyra constellation ; mainly the star Vega. You could say that they were the figures of authority. They were the most active and creative times on Earth. But if we want to identify them or know their most representative symbols we must look at the figures of birds and cats .

As a group they were very authoritarian and patriarchal , in fact they followed the role of parents of humans . Humans loved and feared them, just like an authoritarian father. The role The Father.

– Constellation Can Mayor, Sirius . Physically, the Sirians had darker skin , darker hair and their eyes were not as large as the Lyrans. As for the characteristics of his personality, we would say that they were very dedicated to serving humanity .

While the Lyrans undertook to rule over humanity, the Sirians were interested in helping or even saving humanity. But they were characterized by how jealous they were of their properties, and because of that trait, they often interfered with membership rules. They also crossed genetically with humanity . Follow the role of the Father’s Son.

– Pleiades constellation and the Pleiadians . The symbols that identified and represented them were birds or winged figures, but also used the distinctive of the seven stars . Physically, and again we must generalize, they were similar in skin, hair and eye color to the Lyrans but much smaller . Genetically they are also connected to humanity . But not only do they have a genetic connection, but they also have an emotional connection . They always tried to nurture and protect you with the role of the Mother or Holy Spirit of humanity.

Later it was annexed to the main Trinity : Lira-Vegan, Pleiades and Sirius, other stars and constellations of Altair, Antares, and Orion.

Lyra is the main area of ​​the birth of the human race. All human races that are part of the Galactic Family have genetic roots connected to Lyra.

According to Alex Collier , knowledge of a city ​​called Kalnigor was built by Lyrans. These are our human ancestors in the galaxy.

And according to Lyssa Royal in his book The Prism of Lyra , Lyra is the universal area of ​​the “birth” of the humanoid race, since all the humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. This is the Constellation that mythology knows by the symbolic Harp that touches the song of humanity .

How to recognize the Liran Beings in the old records?

They used different symbols to represent their group, the most common birds and cats .

How to recognize the Sirius Beings in the old documents?

The symbols they used over time used to be snakes or dogs .

The Lyrans committed themselves from antiquity to rule over humanity, the Sirians were interested in helping or even saving humanity.

-The mysterious Arpa of mythological Orpheus and the Lyra Constellation. Orpheus is a character from Greek mythology. According to the stories, when he played his lyre or harp , humans gathered to hear him and thus rest their souls with him. Thus he fell in love with the beautiful Eurydice and managed to sleep the terrible Cerberus when he went down to the underworld to try to resuscitate her.

-The Chinese legend of the princess and the shepherd, and the story of Vega and Altair. According to another story, popular throughout Asia , the Jade Emperor, he had a daughter named Zhinu “the weaver girl” , who is often depicted weaving colorful clouds in the sky.

-Who was the emperor jade? The Great Emperor Augustus of Jade , the heavenly grandfather, rules over heaven and earth, and He and his court are part of the celestial bureaucracy. King of all the deities of heaven. Jade Emperor created human beings from clay.

The Jade Emperor was at first the assistant of the Venerable Celestial of the Original Beginning , Yuanshi Tianzun , the beginning of all things, the unlimited and eternal creator of heaven and earth, and was designated his successor. The Celestial Master of the Jade Dawn of the Golden Gate would in turn be named successor to the Jade Emperor.

Yuanshi Tianzun was originally the administrator of heaven , and later entrusted this task to his assistant , the Jade Emperor , who would later come to have more administrative duties and helpers of his own, overseeing both heaven and earth .

After the death of his father, the jade emperor ascended the throne, making sure that everyone in his kingdom found peace and satisfaction. After this, he informed his ministers that he wished to devote himself to cultivating the Tao in the Shining and Fragrant Cliff. After 1,750 attempts, each with a duration of 120,976 years, achieved Golden Immortality. After another hundred million years of personal cultivation, he finally became the Jade Emperor (the process lasted a total of 211,708,000 years).

In the romantic story of the stars, it is said that during the days he descended to earth with the help of a magic robe to bathe. One day, a modest pastor named Niulang “the cowherd”, Altair of the Aquila Constellation , known as ” the cowboy” saw how Zhinu bathed in the river and fell in love with her. He stole his magic robe, which she had left by the shore, and prevented him from returning to heaven. When Zhinu left the water, Niulang took her home.

When the Jade Emperor found out what happened, he became angry, but was unable to do anything because by then his daughter had fallen in love with the pastor and they had married.

However, as time passed, Zhinu felt homesick and wanted to visit his father. She found the magic robe, which her husband had hidden in a box, and returned to heaven. Once he had returned, the Emperor drew a river in the middle of the sky, the Milky Way so that Zhinu would not be able to return to her husband. But he felt pity for the young lovers and the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar allows them to be on a bridge over the river.

History would be the mythological explanation for a phenomenon that can be observed in the sky. The Star Vega (Zhinu) of the Lyra Constellation is located to the East of the Milky Way and the Altair star of the constellation of the Eagle that is to the West .

This day is celebrated in China, and in other Asian countries, a party called OI-XI similar to Valentine’s Day in the West. If it rains, it is said to be the tears of Zhinu who cries when she reunites with her husband.

After the initial Directed Panspermia , the founders or planners of life came to Earth , and brought with them more complex life forms from all parts of the Universe, planted them in this new world and observed them to see how they developed.

There was a time, for some reason, when the Founders seemed to have left Earth temporarily for several million years.

Then it was when the Vegans with the help of other Founders or Life Planners created the dinosaurs , which according to Anton Parks called the Hušmuš . Coinciding in the historical similarity with Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest , as well as with Anton Parks , that the Hušmuš were created as Temporary Guardians of the Living Library while the Creator Gods were temporarily absent.

After hundreds of millions of years of giant reptiles dominating the Earth, the queen of Orion sent her Kadištu to make changes in Earth’s magnetic field and poles . However, there were dinosaurs that survived the shift of poles and the change of the magnetic field, although the majority died out.

But it was not until the dinosaurs decreased in quantity that mammals could thrive in a less tropical climate. The Guardians of the Earth were later called the Namlú’u , or simply Lú .

Orion and the Orion Belt are currently the managing stars of planet Earth and other worlds. But it is clear that from time to time other supervising administrators control the Worlds as our planet.

Mythology tells how the Titans were overthrown by a race of younger gods called Olympus , who are usually The Supreme Lords of Sirius , in the Titanomachy or War of the Titans

Very likely extraterrestrial visitors came to have access to the huge knowledge base embedded in nature here, and the Titans and Lú welcomed them and gave them what they needed, if the vibration of the star race corresponded with the information what they said they needed and wanted.

As the Pleiadians indicated:

-When the universe is functioning in a harmonic, without tyranny, a civilization is free to exchange information with another.

-The Living Library is not simply a historical record, but it is a whole library of knowledge from which nothing can be created. There are formulas and plans stored in the forms of life on Earth for all kinds of realities to be developed.

-Other libraries located in different sectors of the Universe store their knowledge in light forms or corrections of molecules that you do not even recognize. For each of the twelve centers, the creator gods designed a unique storage method for that knowledge.

-The intention is to protect the integrity of libraries, each with life in its own way. From a future perspective, libraries have been lost, and the need for rediscovery and openness is now. The ideal is that each of these twelve libraries create an electromagnetic alliance that hosts a great change in the realization.

-The twelve together create the opportunity for a new harmonic for all existence, as you perceive it.

Could Oumuamua be an Interstellar Ship that controls the Solar System and the Earth?

While there is currently no consensus on what might be the origin of Oumuamua, according to the release of Breakthrough Listen , researchers working in long-haul space transport have suggested that a cigar shape or very elongated is the most likely architecture for a interstellar spacecraft , since it would minimize the friction and damage of gas and interstellar dust. While it is most likely that Omuamua is of natural origin but used for that purpose of control. At this moment there is no official consensus or really confirmed on its origin.

Finally, the strange trajectory of OUMUAMUA is complex and difficult to know with certainty its original origin. And as Olivier Hainaut, astronomer at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and scientific co-author of the study on this strange travel traveler, said: ” The true nature of this enigmatic interstellar nomad could be, forever, a mystery.” has concluded Olivier Hainaut, co-author of the study and astronomer of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).