Are there Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

Are there Extraterrestrial Civilizations?


Why not ask, are we the only intelligent life in the universe? We know officially that our Universe contains billions of galaxies, and each with millions or billions of stars. But, we also know that even the farthest galaxies there is a great unknown void, in addition to immense energetic effulgences, such as, for example, light and heat, magnetic fields and high energy particles, radio pulses, and cosmic rays.

Our Universe is extraordinarily large, and nobody knows its exact dimensions. We are not able to see the end of cosmological creation, if it has one. All we know is that the visible Universe is at least 93 billion light-years wide.

Recall that a light year is the distance that light travels in the year period, therefore, this amount would correspond to about 9 billion km.

Then, seeing these spectacular dimensions we ask ourselves if extraterrestrial life is possible, and if it has been able to evolve other forms of life in different places of our universe.

All life of our Earth has required certain chemical elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and certain minerals, but also liquid water, which together with the chemical elements were combined to form different types of stocks. That, without entering to debate if to panspermia or any other type of intervention could generate the genesis of life.

Therefore, it is logical that we think, that, knowing the biological chemical bases for the existence of life on our planet, however, in other places of the cosmos, on other planets, the fundamental elements for life will be of other types and with other primordial bases for its existence, perhaps of ammonia, hydrogen, carbon, or other unknown elements.

As space researchers discover potential alien worlds around certain stars, and as they expand their cosmic knowledge, more and more they are wondering if these orbs could have necessary conditions for life, and therefore, if there is life , why not think about the possibility of the existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

And if within this universe, there are billions of galaxies, with millions or billions of solar systems like ours, why there is not going to be intelligent life .

In our local galaxy, the Milky Way , for example, will probably have about 300 billion stars, and the Andromeda Galaxy has about a billion stars. Most of these stars can have several planets, of which many are capable of sustaining life forms of some kind. So, statistically speaking, it is impossible for us to be the only intelligent life form in the entire visible Universe.

Through the contactees throughout the ages, a lot of cosmic information has been collected, either through the extraterrestrial contactees, or by the channelers, but all agree that life was sown on Earth by very advanced civilizations that came from the stars and other bubbles or universes .


Ur-decimal Earth, experimental planet .

Some of these contactees add that in the case of the Earth it was something different and special, since it is a planet “UR”, that is, a decimal planet or of experimentation of life.

Remember that it is called Ur or decimal planet that is chosen from among ten planets in a solar system, with the characteristics of the Earth.

On the other hand, they also report that, in our Milky Way, there are several types of extraterrestrial civilizations. Some civilizations are physical, others non-physical. Some civilizations are humanoids, and others are not.

Earth is only 4,500 million years old, and mankind appeared around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, but the oldest areas of this universe are dated around 14,000 million years ago, so it is logical to think that there are much more advanced civilizations than ours and therefore also in other bubbles.
According to this cosmic information, more than one of these civilizations have been in contact with humanity. Some even played an important role in the history of Planet Earth.

Then, the galactic history of the Earth comes from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Zeta Reticuli, and Vega or Alpha Lyrae / α Lyr of the constellation Lyra. And many of these alien races are far more evolved than ours, technologically, mentally and spiritually.

In general, most of these races are benevolent towards humanity, but some of them do not have very good intentions towards terrestrial ones. The latter are often referred to as “extraterrestrial civilizations oriented towards the negative or at the service of oneself”.

Some of these negative aliens apparently made, in the 50s, certain sinister alliances with some groups of land humans and their governments, for example, the United States made a secret agreement that allowed to kidnap or abduct humans in exchange for alien technology.

It is, therefore, important to keep in mind that these “negative” alien civilizations, first, are only a minority, and second, their actions are indefatigably monitored by stellar organizations oriented to the service of others, or what we know as more positive with with respect to humanity.


Who are these Lizzies – Draconians?

According to the knowledge received from Beings of Cassiopeia, those named as the Adorers of the Physical Universe, say that the creatures known as the ” Grays ” are physical entities like us, but, that act from the density where the dead dwell, and from the Earth’s parallel worlds, that is, they are very close to humans .

Apparently, these grays were created by these reptilian-humanoid beings , which also gave rise to the Serpent cults spread throughout the planet through its cybernetic technology.

It seems that there is a dependency between the Reptilians and human souls , as if they exercised some interphase action through very advanced technological means and not always from this physical world.

The “Grays” have not only been designed and created artificially, but also function as a hierarchical projection of the Reptilians . In addition, they present many of the same capabilities of the latter, but differ in their physical appearance, in their power, size and strength.

These Reptilians with the appearance of bipedal erect lizards measure between 1,8288 to 2,4384 meters, or what is the same, 6 and 8 feet tall, with humanoid features. Evidently, they are the masters of the physical world to which they idolatry. All these types of beings that serve only their own ego are consumed by the great desire to manifest themselves through physical bodies like ours.

These Reptilians from another bubble came to our dimension for reasons of some great war. They settled in the physical world of our Galaxy, reaching to conquer Constellations such as Pegasus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor , and later invading and expanding throughout this physical universe.

Since they have chosen to remain at this dense level, our physical world, firmly entrenched with it, and since they have renounced to follow the natural flow of progress towards the higher levels, their race has suffered a pathological stagnation and as a result they are decimated And presumably that’s why they’re in here right now, trying desperately to accumulate as much energy as possible.

Apparently, they have been traveling indefatigably in the “time”, both forward and backward, in order to manipulate certain events in history so that the conditions are more conducive to continue extracting the maximum amount of negative energy that they themselves provoke and manage on earth and in other places.


What are the objectives of the reptilians?

  1. Preserve your race as a viable species;
  2. Thrive in number;
  3. Increase your power;
  4. Expand your race throughout the reality of the 4th. Density.

But they also have an Achilles heel , and this lies in the fact that they only see the things they want to see and experience with great “compulsive longing”. They operate from other dimensions and from terrestrial parallel worlds with which they are always very close to the humans they control.

On the other hand, there is another story parallel to the Reptile Beings , this is the story of the Earth as a great stage for many acts in a humanoid galactic game .

Many extraterrestrial civilizations have walked the face of the Earth, both humanoids and non-humanoids, and have done so, long before man existed. Together with humanity, they have written the history of this Planet.

Therefore, it is important to realize that you can not really understand the history of mankind, or the history of the Earth, until you know the part played by these extraterrestrial civilizations.

This means, for example, that you can not understand the history of humanity if you do not know that Homo Sapiens was not entirely the product of a natural evolution, but was the result of a cross of genes from humanoid primates and aliens.

Then, the cradle of the humanoid civilizations were those that occupied this role of creators in the galaxy and on Earth, mainly it was the constellation of Lyra and its star Vega.

Subsequently, several humanoid species spread throughout our galaxy. Long before homo sapiens existed, the Earth was visited by humanoid races of Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades, and they all established colonies on this planet Earth.

They started with small groups of aliens established on Earth. Later, however, the members of the “Sirius Group”, that is, the extraterrestrials of Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades , reached a much larger number.

At one point, the members of this group of the Greater Canter Constellation, Sirius, began to need “workers” to help them colonize the planet.

They had the need to generate some genetic manipulation and created humanity, by mixing their DNA with that of the primates of the earth, and later with the Neanderthals.

The Earth became a scene of constant disputes and wars between, mainly, two groups of major alien civilizations, the Sirians, united by some Vegans, Pleiadians (renegades) and some civilizations of Orion, and on the other hand are the Pl eyadianos and the Lyrans, also united by some Orion.

Wars and more wars, this was the tone of that moment, they were always for the sake of humanity, and on several occasions interfered in our history, known as gods of antiquity in myths and legends.

These myths mention certain types of snakes, which is usually a reference to the Sirius, while birds, eagles, or cats generally refer to the Lyrans and Pleiadians.

Then there were other snake people in a reference to a third group of aliens, the Draconian group or Lizzies.
In general, in addition to all these groups mentioned above, there are also other civilizations of more advanced or higher dimensions that monitor everything that is happening here, and in other worlds. And, in fact, from time to time, they have made their presence known.



While all that happens in space and in other dimensions, parallel or not, Earth scientists try to discover life in other stars and other planets.

For example, it has been observed in the Aquarius Constellation that around the small star Trappist-1 orbit seven planets, recently discovered, that are 40 light years from Earth.

It is assumed that these planets are rocky, contain water and could, in theory, harbor some form of organic life, of course not intelligent. This is a research by astronomer Amaury Triaud , from the University of Birmingham, co-author of the study published in Nature Astronomy and Astronomy and Astrophysics .

Today, it has increased the unknowns regarding whether we are the only planet that houses life.



Is there someone out there?

are we alone in the universe?

NASA recently confirmed the existence of 1,284 new planets outside of our solar system, and, then, the odds of finding life in space increase more and more.

We are at the dawn of the great cosmic discoveries . But humanity has yet to progress and begin to understand that the universe, as we know it, is absolutely different from what was conceived by current science. Understand that the universe is many universes , many dimensions, and that each space is full of intelligent and advanced life , although there are planets of experimentation such as Earth.

Reality will overflow the human imagination, revealing the intricate cosmic structure to an evolving planet that aspires to know the secrets of the cosmos.

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